TCG Heybeliada In Bosphorus

Here are a couple of photos from 29 March 2013, taken by Kerim Bozkurt as TCG Heybeliada was sailing in Bosphorus.

KB-13-03-29-Gemiler-0004 KB-13-03-29-Gemiler-0006 KB-13-03-29-Gemiler-0007 KB-13-03-29-Gemiler-0009


Turkish Navy Naval Parade In Dardanelles

Just like in the previous years, on 18 March 2013, Turkish Navy organized a naval parade in Dardanelles, to commemorate the 98th anniversary of the victory against the Allied Fleet in 18 March 1915.

Unlike past 3 years, I was not able to travel to Çanakkale to watch the parade. But instead I am honored and delighted to share some of the excellent photos Mr. Ahmet Güven. All photos in this post are his work and used by me with his permission.

Following ships took part in the parade:


F-245 TCG Oruçreis

F-246 TCG Salihreis.

F-246 TCG Salihreis. With her brand new SMART-S Mk2 3D air/surface search radar.


F-247 TCG Kemalreis.

F-497 TCG Göksu. She too had her brand new Smart-s Mk2 3D radar.

F-497 TCG Göksu. She too displayed her brand new SMART-S Mk2 3D air/surface search radar.


F-497 TCG Göksu

F-511 TCG Heybeliada.

F-511 TCG Heybeliada.


P-1203 TCG Kumkale


P-1205 TCG Karabiga


P-332 TCG Mızrak


P-334 TCG Meltem


P-336 TCG Zıpkın


P-337 TCG Atak


M-267 TCG Ayvalık


M-270 TCG Akçay

Lest We Forget: The Minelayer Nusret.


TCG Nusret. A swimming replica of the original.

There are a few ships, that directly influenced the history. The small minelayer Nusret is one of them. Perhaps the smallest of them.

Today is the 98th anniversary of the victory of Turkish forces over the Allied Fleet in the Dardanelles. It is the proper time to remember this small minelayer constructed in Germany  in service of Ottoman Navy as the mines she has planted changes the course of the history.

Known as the Çanakkale Naval Victory, in Turkey, this battle effectively sunk (no pun indented) the hopes of the British Admiralty and Churchill to force the Turkish Straits and a quickly dash to Istanbul to occupy it. This Turkish victory forced the Allies to use ground force in order to bring Dardanelles under their control and led to the merciless Gallipoli Campaign.

Churchill realized that if Allies could eliminate Ottoman Empire from the war, they could help Russia via Black Sea and could pressure Central Powers from the east as well.

While the main of the British Army deeply entrench in Belgium and France and the most potent s capital ships loitering in the North Sea Allied Forces had few forces to spare for such a secondary and diversionary front.

The plan of the British Admiralty was to bombard the forts that were protecting the shores of Dardanelles to annihilation and later clean the mines to open the way for Allied warships to sail to Istanbul.

The order of the battle for the Allied fleet consisted of HMS Queen Elizabeth, HMS Agamemnon, HMS Lord Nelson, HMS Inflexible, HMS Prince George, HMS Triump,  HMS Ocean HMS Majestic HMS Swiftsure HMS Vengeance HMS Irresistible, HMS Albion from Royal Navy, Gaulois, Charlemange, Bouvet, Suffren from French Navy.

The fighting began at around 10:00 in the morning. Everything seem to be on the side of the Allied forces until at around 14:00 a small cloud of yellowish smoke, which turned black afterwards, came out of the starboard quarter of the Bouvet. She had struck a mine. The ship was in Erenköy Bay a part of the Strait previously cleared by Allied minesweepers and used by larger ships for maneuvering during previous engagements.

In the night of 8th March Nusret created a single line of 20 mines in the Erenköy Bay. This line was unique as she was parallel to the shore. This new single mine line consisting of 20 mines, changed the whole history.

During the heat of the action the Allied forces are not able to determine whether Bouvet hit a mine or was hit by a shell from a cannon ashore.

At 16:00 first HMS Inflexible, 5 minutes later HMS Irresistible struck to mines laid in Erenköy Bay. HMS Ocean was ordered to tow the now abandoned HMS Irresistible. But she too hit a mine at around 18:00, followed moments later by a shell that penetrated to a magazine below the water line.

Of the 16 capital ships that sailed in the Dardanelles that morning HMS Ocean, HMS Irresistible and Bouvet never returned. HMS Inflexible and Gaulios had to be beached at the near by small island in order to be rescued. Suffren heavily damaged by Turkish guns had to be docked at Malta for intensive repairs.

Winston Churchill defined those mines as the reason for the prolonging of the war and the enormous casualties, in the interview he made with “Revue de Paris,” in 1930.

This Turkish victory forced the Allies to use ground force to occupy the hills commanding Dardanelles in order to destroy the forts protecting the straits and mine fields. This campaign was too destined to be a defeat for the Allies.

Turkish Navy Permanently Commissions New Landing Ship


Ç-154 the fourth ship of the fast LCT class. She is identical to Ç-151. Photo: Ahmet Güven.

Turkish Navy officially and permanently commissioned the fast landing ship Ç-151. Ç-151 is the first ship of the new LCT class of Turkish Navy.

In 2007, Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (UDI), submitted a Request for Proposal for 8 LCT’s. These new vessels were to be built in Turkey and had to be fast. From the four companies that submitted to the tender, ADİK shipyard was chosen. On June 2009, a contract was signed between UDI and ADİK for the production of the ships. The exact value of the contract was not made public but it is estimated to be around 100 million EUR. All 8 ships have been delivered to the Turkish Navy.

The construction of Ç-151, the first ship of the class of was started in January 2010 and she was launched on 2nd October 2010. She was handed over to Turkish Navy on 9th March 2012.  Ç-151 took part in the joint Turkish-Egyptian naval exercise Sea of Friendship (Bahr El Sadaka) in October 2012.

When a newly constructed ship is handed over to Turkish Navy the ship is in “temporary” commissioning  This means that during the warranty period of the shipyard the ship is not permanently commissioned in Turkish Navy. This happens after the warranty period of the shipyard expires and the Turkish Navy alone receives the responsibility of the ship.

Till August 2013 the same procedure will repeated for the remaining 7 LCT’s.

TCG Gökova Will Participate to AMAN 2013 Naval Exerise

According to Turkish Navy, Turkish frigate F-496 TCG Gökova will participate to AMAN-2013 naval exercise between 4th and 8th March 2013.

The AMAN is a biannual naval exercise organised by Pakistan Navy. The exercise is usually conducted in North Arabian Sea. The aim of the exercise is:

  • Display of united resolve against terrorism and crimes in maritime domain.
  •  Contributing towards regional peace and stability.
  • Enhancing interoperability between regional and extra regional navies thereby acting as a bridge between the regions.

Various units and observers from USA, Australia, UAE, Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, UK, Italy, Japan, Malaysia and Sri Lanka will take part in the AMAN 2013 too. Currently TCG Gökova is attached to NATO’s SNMG-2 naval task force which conducts anti piracy operations on Gulf of Aden.

More On Proud Manta 2013

I have found a long video from the Media Day of the Proud Manta 2013 via SatSicilia.

I must tell you that I have found the submarine just behind the admirals, in the first part of the video especially admirable.

Proud Manta News Conference 2013

Proud Manta 2013 Has Started

S3XX_3One again the time of the year has come when dozens of ships, submarines,planes and robots meet and play hide and seek two weeks long.

Yes, NATO’s largest anti submarine warfare exercise Proud Manta 13 (POMA 13) has started. It will end on 8th March 2013.

According to NATO the aim of the exercise is to enhance the operational proficiency and interoperability of the participating forces across a broad spectrum of potential tasks, roles and missions of the NATO Response Force (NRF). The exercise also provides a challenging operational environment to test new doctrine, tactics; and equipment.

When I started to search through the internet to find more information about the exercise and the participants I was shocked from the lack of information. NATO used to prepare webpages dedicated to this large exercise. This year there is surprisingly sparse information available on various NATO Command Centers’ webpages.

Was NATO staying loyal to the motto silent service and hiding about its submarine exercise? No. The restructuring of the military structure created a no-mans zone in PR so neither the outgoing Allied Maritime Command Naples nor the incoming Allied Maritime Command in Northwood prepared anything about POMA 13.

Thank God there are people who know about this NATO exercise more than NATO shares: The Russians. On a Russian web forum where radio enthusiast meet I was able to find more information about POMA 13 than on official webpages of various NATO Commands. Thank you Comrades!

Here is the list of participants according to Russians:

Surface Ships
A-607 FS Meuse Replenishment Tanker France
D-643 FS Jean De Vienne Destroyer France
F-210 FGS Emden Frigate Germany
F-221 FGS Hessen Frigate Germany
F-260 FGS Braunschweig Corvette Germany
A-1442 FGS Speessart Tender Germany
F-263 FGS Oldenburg Corvette Germany
A-5366 ITS Levanzo Tender Italy
D-560 ITS De La Penne Destroyer Italy
A-1456 Alliance Research Ship NATO
DGG-52 USS Barry Destroyer USA
S-356 TCG Anafartalar Type 209 /1400 Turkey
S-119 NS Pontos Type 209/1200 Greece
S-527 ITS Sciré Type 212A Italy
S-71 SPS Galerna Agosta S70 Spain

The following air assets will take part in the exercise too: 2 CP-140 Aurora from Canada, 2 Atlantic Mk2 from France, 1 Atlantic from Italy, 1 P-3C Orion from Germany, 1 P-3C Orion from Norway, 2 P-3C Orion from USA, 2 EH-101 Merlin from Italy an 3 EH-101 Merlin from UK.

Infiltration Boats For Naval Special Forces

Dragomir Bojadzhiev

Photo: Dragomir Bojadzhiev via Nikolay Zlatev

Dragomir Bojadzhiev

Photo: Dragomir Bojadzhiev via Nikolay Zlatev

These two wonderful photos of one of the two Turkish Naval Special Forces’s infiltration boat making a dash through Bosphorus was send to me by my Bulgarian reader Nikolay Zlatev. I thank him very much.

Interestingly the Undersecretariat For Defense Industries published one Request For Information document to purchase additional infiltration boats.

Turkish Parliament Extended The Anti-Piracy Mission Of Turkish Navy

 Today, Turkish Parliament accepted a submitted motion to extend the presence of Turkish Navy in Gulf Of Aden for one year.

In 2009, Turkish Parliament gave the government the power to send units from Turkish Navy to Gulf Of Aden and adjacent waters, in order to participate the multinational efforts of anti-piracy.

The as duration of this permission is limited to one year each year it has to be extended.The current mandate will en on 10th February 2014.

Turkish warship are  tasked with:

  • Performing reconnaissance and patrol duties,
  • Calling on ships suspected of piracy/ armed robbery, on the radio, boarding them if their flag country approves and interfering in accordance with the international law if the ship is not showing any flag,
  • Escorting and protecting merchant ships,
  • Helping merchant ships under attack of pirates/sea robbers,
  • Intervening, stopping, neutralizing, and confiscating any vessels used by pirates/sea robbers, and using appropriate force if necessary,
  • Arresting and detaining pirates/sea robbers and armed persons in these vessels,
  • Accepting the representatives of the countries that will prosecute pirates/ armed robbers on board, for the preparations of judicial proceedings, according to the UN resolution 1851.
  • Arresting and detaining, pirates/armed robbers on board until they are being handed over to the countries that will prosecute them,
  • Turning in, the suspects of pirates/sea robbers with the exception of the case that these are Turkish citizens, to the authorities the nation where the pirates/sea robbers will be prosecuted,
  • Executing all kinds of policing duties including interrogation, collecting evidence.

This Is No Longer Funny.



An admiral to be recruited:

  • preferable completed his/her compulsory military service
  • knows how to swim
  • knowledge on Office programs
  • not related to Atatürk’s reforms

Applications to the Ministry of Defence.

This is not funny any longer. I am not laughing.

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