>Turkish Naval Task Force

>Turkish Navy announced that it has formed a Task Force. This TF will be activated on 6th May 2010 and will remain active till July 2010. Turkish warships regularly take part in NATO’s task forces SNMG-2 and SNMCMG-2 for years. And in the last two years a frigate took part in US lead anti-piracy task force CTF-151. But this is the first time that Turkish Navy formed a task force for certain duration of time.

The aim of this TF is explained as promoting peace and international security through maritime security, creating situational awareness, showing the flag and maintaining maritime presence in areas of interest, executing exercises and training with countries in the region, performing port visit to improve bilateral relations. The planed area of action is Mediterranean and Adriatic seas.

The following ships will form the task force
F-247, TCG Kemalreis, MEKO 200 TN II class,
F-241, TCG Turgutreis, MEKO 200 TN I class,
F-490, TCG Gaziantep, G class,
F-491, TCG Giresun, G class,
A-580, TCG Akar, Akar class replenishment tanker

I believe TCG Kemalreis will probably be the flagship of the TF as she has extra rooms for the command staff.

The operations of this task force will produce many valuable lessons for Turkish Navy in providing naval presence, managing and supplying a group of warships without the convenience of a supporting harbor. Further more it will be an exam for the force to show it’s gained long-term operational capabilities.

TCG Turgutreis, one of the frigates of the Turkish Naval Task Force, seen here in Dardanelles, in April.

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