Bosphorus Naval News Is On DefencePoint (UPDATED)

The DefencePOint, one of the few Greek military blogs that is worth of reading has published my story about the ESSM test of Turkish Navy.

They have also used the photo showing the firing of the missile from this blog.

Unfortunately the bloggers at this blog (initially) forgot to mention my blog as the source of the photo and their story. But the photo is visible and you can compare the photo and wording that story to mine.

Well I am not surprised anymore to see my stories or photos being used by other web sites or blogs that conveniently forget to mention this blog as the source.

But I am surprised by the remarks such as “As illustrated by the remarkable site” or “this portal is distinguished by seriousness and professionalism”.


The DefencePoint made yesterday an announcement that have made the above mentioned omission without any bad intention.

I accept this announcement and thank them for their kind words about me and my work.

I am only happy to  reciprocate their good natured wishes in a same manner and courtesy.

Bosphorus Naval News Is On War Is Boring

 One of the most interesting and influential blog of the military blogsphere, War  Is Boring, published a photo from this website.

The photo showing Turkish frigate F-241 TCG Turgutreis and British assault  ship L-15 HMS Bulwark  was first published on this blog on 16th April 2009.  The photo was taken during the Egemen 2009 naval exercise.

Unfortunately the bloggers at War Is Boring forgot to mention my blog as  the source of the photo, but the watermark on the photo is visible. So now you know were that photo came.

Click here for the original blog post with the photo or click here just for the photo.

Third Anniversary

Today is the third anniversary of this blog.

Last year two important changes have happened. First I had to change my service provider from Google’s blogger to wordpress as most of the Google’s IP addresses were blocked by a court order in Turkey for a considerable duration of time.

The second and in my opinion the important change was the merger of my other website the Unofficial Homepage of Turkish Navy with my blog.  I have started my website about the Turkish Navy way back in 1998 before the official site of Turkish Navy was online. But those pages were, because of their nature very static, very Web 1.0 compared to blogging. Today the information on those pages are  accessible through the menu at the header of the blog.

This is the 597th post on my blog. I have become a little more prolific writer in the last year. This due to the fact that currently I am between jobs and have more time to write for my blog.

I have received 276 comments and hundreds of spam. I thank each and everyone who has taken some time to write a comment or send me an e-mail.


I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

List Of Warships Taking Part In Operation Unified Protector

NATO has published the names of the warships taking part in the arms embargo against Libya, as called for in UN Security Council Resolution 1973.

On left is the screen shot from NATO website showing the photos of the participating ships. The regular readers of this blog will find the two photos I have marked very very familiar.

The photos of the Turkish warships are directly linked to this blog.


The list of the participating ships is below:

A-5326 ITS Etna Tanker Italy
C-551 ITS Garibaldi Carrier Italy
F-572 ITS Libeccio Frigate Italy
P-492 ITS C. Bettica OPV Italy
F-339 HMCS Charlottetown Frigate Canada
F-85 HMS Cumberland Frigate UK
F-451 HS Limnos Frigate Greece
F-104 ESPS Mendez Nunez Frigate (!) Spain
F-490 TCG Gaziantep Frigate Turkey
F-492 TCG Gemlik Frigate Turkey
F-493 TCG Gelibolu Frigate Turkey
F-243 TCG Yıldırım Frigate Turkey
A-590 TCG Akar Tanker Turkey
M-853 HMNLS Haarlem Minehunter Netherlands
M-923 BNS Narcis Minehunter Belgium
S-358 TCG Çanakkale Submarine Turkey
S-74 ESPS Tramontana Submarine Spain
Bosphorus Naval News

Related Links

Submarine Training Center Command, of Turkish Navy apparently finds my website good enough to be linked.

It is not the first time that my website is liked by the official navy sites. But this is the first instance where I was document it.

>Seaforth World Naval Review 2011


The 2011 edition of Seaforth World Naval Review has been published.
Though it was launched just 3 years ago, it has established a good reputation among enthusiast, researchers and students of maritime issues.
For the first time, this edition has an 8 page chapter devoted to the current operations and ship acquisition projects of Turkish Navy and it was written by yours truly.
I am very exited to see my name to be listed as a contributor among some of the most influent and prolific writers on naval subjects such as Norman Friedman, Scott Truver, Mrityunjoy Mazumdar and Conrad Waters.
My contract with the publisher forbids me to publicize what I have written, here in my blog. But I can mention the highlights:
  • ‘G’ Class Frigate Modernisation
  • The Milgem Corvette Project
  • Coastal Patrol Boats
  • Coast Guard Search And Rescue Ships
  • Aip-Equipped Submarines
  • Amphibious Ship Acquisitions
I have enjoyed writing about Turkish Navy for Seaforth NRW very much, so I hope you will enjoy reading it.
The book can be bought from or directly from Seaforth Publishing.

>Turkey: A Misunderstood Nation For Alliance Geostrategique

>The editor, of a French bloggers cooperative, Alliance Geostrategique, asked me to write my 2 cents about the relations and situation between Turkey and France.

Turkey was choosen as the topic of the month in this excellent and interesting blog and they have found my views appealing. I was honored to oblige. You can read my article at:

>Bosphorus Sail Through

>Here is my latest article, as published on November 2009 issue of Warship International Fleet Review magazine.

I think I deserve a little bit of self advertisment. Please support us and buy the magazine.

>Jane’s Fighting Ships

Yesterday I have received my personal complementary copy of Jane’s Fighting Ships.

Every year since 1991, I feel the same excitement and joy when hold that years edition for the first time.

This year I am happy to see that my photos of USS McFaul and WHEC Dallas were printed. I have taken the photos of both ships when they were passing through Bosphorus northbound, shortly after the Russo-Georgian War.

I am also happy to see that one of the photos of a very good friend of mine, Arda Mevlütoğlu, was published as well.

>Turkish Straits Key to Georgian Crisis

>Here is my latest article, as published on December issue of Warship International Fleet Review magazine:

I think I deserve a little bit of self advertisment. Please support us and buy the magazine.

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