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Happy New Year

10th Anniversary

When I started this blog 10 years ago, I had no idea where it would take me. I had –and still have- things to share and things to say and I knew blogging was –and still is- the right media to address the world.

Blogging in English was a deliberate choice and to be frankly quite a challenge. My grammar and typing mistakes may hurt the eyes of native speakers, but I sincerely hope that the content you got may ease your pain.

It was not a smooth sailing. When a Turkish Court blocked the Blogspot, the original platform I was using, I had no idea whether I should continue or not and if yes how. The migration to WordPress, 8 years ago, was a big leap of faith for me but it worked fine. The Twitter account of this blog has been a good addition and an excellent platform for instant blogging.

Personally, the most satisfying moments were, when I was creating the news instead of relaying press releases or news articles prepared by somebody else.

Through this blog I was able to meet many wonderful people, must online, some in person and share ideas, information and thoughts. I am very grateful for this.

I would like to thank my family. Actually, I can’t thank them enough for every minute I spent on this blog is a minute less spent with them.

And finally, I would like to thank all my readers and followers. Without your continued feedback, interest and engagement this journey would not be this interesting.

Back From Vacation

I have been silent for the last couple weeks. I was on vacation. And returned with the following photos:

Fast tanker RFA Wave Ruler

Cable laying ship USS Zeus.

Type 23 class frigate, HMS Montrose

Survey vessel HMS Scott. Ship’s emblem on her funnel, tells us where she spends most of her time.

Type-23 frigate HMS Somerset.

Trafalgar class submarine Ex- HMS Torbay being decommissioned, while HMS Bulwark in the background being deactivated.

HMS Albion being re-activated to replace HMS Bulwark.

Another Trafalgar class submarine ex- HMS Triumph being deactivated.

Type-23 class frigate HMS Argyll.

The former flagship of Royal Navy HMS Ocean.

A Visitor From The Land Of Beer And Chocolate

DSC_6654 kopya

DSC_6673 kopya

DSC_6680 kopya

This morning around 9.00 the Karel Doorman class frigate from Belgian Naval Forces F-930 BNS Leopold 1 arrived in Istanbul for a port visit.

The duration of the port visit is not disclosed. As far as I know, this is the first visit of BNS Leopold 1 in Istanbul. She is returning home from EU anti piracy mission Atalanta.

USS Taylor Passed Through Bosphorus Being Towed

USSTaylor_towed kopya

USS Taylor being towed by the tug Coastal Voyager. The tug Kurtaran 1 from Turkish Coastal Safety Agency is preventing the ship from drifting at the back. Turkish Coast Guard vessel TCSG-90 is providing security.

CDY_6009 kopya

This photo show the third tug, again from Turkish Coastal Safety Agency. She was on the starboard side of USS Taylor during her passage through Bosphorus, preventing the ship from drifting by the currents

The Arleigh Burke class destroyer DDG-103 USS Truxtun is the only US warship in the Black Sea as today with the southbound passage of FF(G)-50 USS Taylor through the Bosphorus.

The Perry class frigate was deployed to the Black Sea before the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games started. USS Taylor and the flag ship of the US 6th Fleet USS Mount Whitney were send to the Black Sea to help with the evacuation of US athletes and spectators in case of an terror attack to the Games.

USS Taylor had a grounding in Samsun harbour on 12 February 2014 as she arrived here for refueling. Her only propeller was damaged during the accident and all the work done to repair the ship turned out to be not effective.

US Navy contracted the company DonJon specialized in marine salvage and towing, to tow USS Taylor to Souda Crete where her propeller hub and blades will be replaced. 

USSTaylor_towed2 kopya2

USS Truxtun Passed Through The Bosphorus

As reported few days ago by US Navy, the Arleigh Burke class destroyer DDG-103 USS Truxtun passed through the Turkish Straits on 7 March 2013 and entered the Black Sea.

According the official US Navy press release the destroyer is en route to conduct combined training and theater security cooperation engagements in the Black Sea with Romanian and Bulgarian Naval forces. USS Truxtun, the ship will conduct a port visit and routine, previously planned exercises with allies and partners in the region.

US Navy careful stresses that USS Truxtun‘s operations in the Black Sea were scheduled well in advance of her departure from the United States. But the political crisis between Russia and Ukraine over the fate of Crimea makes this deployment of USS Truxtun to the region a special one.

A strong storm front is coming from the north. In literary and figurative sense of the word USS Truxtun is sailing into a storm.

CDY_5885 kopya
CDY_5896 kopya
CDY_5920 kopya
DDG103_2 kopya

Ms. Eser Çelebiler, kindly share her photos of the USS Truxtun as she passed through Bosphorus.

Mr. Kerim Bozkurt, an invaluable contributor to this blog also shared his photos of the USS Truxtun as she passed through Bosphorus.

Ukrainian Frigate Hetman Sahaidachny Passed Through Turkish Straits

U130_1 kopya

Ukrainian frigate Hetman Sahaidachny passing through the Bosphorus.

U130_2 kopya

Ukrainian frigate Hetman Sahaidachny passing through the Bosphorus.

U130_3 kopya

Ukrainian frigate Hetman Sahaidachny passing through the Bosphorus.

U130_4 kopya

Ukrainian frigate Hetman Sahaidachny passing through the Bosphorus.

The flagship of the Ukrainian Navy, the Krivak III (Project 1135.1) class frigate Hetman Sahaidachny passed through the Turkish Straits today and is now in the Black Sea. I have no information about her destination. It can be Sevastopol or Odessa. We will know better tomorrow.

The ship was doing anti piracy operations first with the CTF-151 and later with Operation Atalanta since September 2013.

A large Ukrainian flag was hoisted as she was passing through the Bosphorus contrary to the earlier reports that she has changed flags.  During her passage she was escorted by large patrol boat TCSG-90 from Turkish Coast Guard. Turkish Coast Guard vessels usually escort foreign warships during their passages through Turkish Straits.

SG90 kopya

A few minutes later a Turkish Meko 200 class frigate TCG Yavuz passed through the Bosphorus and followed the Ukrainian warship towards the Black Sea.

F240 kopya

Turkish frigate F-240 TCG Yavuz sailing towards the Black Sea

I do not think that the Turkish warship was shadowing the Ukrainian frigate or escorting her, but the presence of the Turkish frigate was not a coincidence either.


Ukrainian frigate Hetman Sahaidachny passing through the Bosphorus. Photos: Kerim Bozkurt. Used with permission.

A group of Ukrainians were cheering as the flagship of their navy passed by them.


Ukrainian frigate Hetman Sahaidachny passing through the Bosphorus. Photos: Kerim Bozkurt. Used with permission.


Ukrainian frigate Hetman Sahaidachny passing through the Bosphorus. Photos: Kerim Bozkurt. Used with permission.

USS Mount Whitney Left Istanbul

LCC20 kopya

The Blue Ridge class command and control ship LCC-20 USS Mount Whitney, leaving Istanbul, this morning.

LCC20_1 kopya

The Blue Ridge class command and control ship LCC-20 USS Mount Whitney, leaving Istanbul, this morning.

After a well deserved 3 day port visit in Istanbul at quarter to 9:00 am, the flagship of the 6. US Fleet, USS Mount Whitney left Istanbul heading towards the Mediterranean. This is the formal end of the US Navy’s Olympic Games Deployment.

USS Taylor is still in Samsun harbour in the meantime. The fate of the stricken frigate USS Taylor is still undecided. It is not clear how long the repair work will continue.

USS Mount Whitney In Istanbul

LCC20 kopya LCC20_1 kopya

After drawing endless circles in the water for 20 days between 4 and 24 February 2014, the flagship of the 6th US Navy Fleet, USS Mount Whitney have arrived in Istanbul.

To be honest I was expecting her to pass through the Bosphorus and head straight for Mediterranean but she is conducting a well deserved port visit in Istanbul. I am expecting the US Navy frigate USS Taylor to pass through the Bosphorus. She has turned her AIS transponder off, yesterday. This means that she has left Samsun and is underway towards Istanbul. It seems that the repair work done to her propeller has worked and she is  underway under her own power.

The quality of the photos of USS Mount Whitney left much to be desired but it was raining heavy as she passed where I was standing and there was a very bitter and strong north wind. If the weather improves tomorrow I might have some better photos.



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