Future Shipbuilding Projects For Turkish Navy And Coast Guard

One of the most interesting presentations of the 7. Naval System Seminar was done by Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (UDI). The topic of it was the future shipbuilding projects.

The organisers of Naval System Seminar prepared a CD containing the presentations done during it. It is a useful thing if you want to reread any particular presentation(s) later at home.

However the UDI was either too lazy or too arrogant to send the presentation to the organisers so their presentation is not included in the CD. Therefore you have to be content with the table I have preapred from my notes and memory.

There are 20 acquisition projects related to Turkish navy and Turkish coast guard. Of these 20 project UDI is working on 13 of them.

Project End User Units RfP Notes
LCAC construction Navy 4
Preveze class submarines midlife modernisation Navy 4 In preparation
Underway replenishment tanker design Navy 1 Proceeding according to contract
Underway replenishment tanker construction Navy 1 In preparation
Conceptual design of Milden Navy To be determined No detailed information avalible
Floating dry dock construction Navy 1 In preparation
Hydrographical research vessel construction Navy 2 In preparation
Search And Rescue boat construction Coast Guard 20 (+ 24 optional) Before end of 2015
SAT boat construction Navy 2 In October 2015
Diver training boat construction Navy 2 September 2015
İstanbul class frigate construction Navy 4 In preparation
TF-2000 class air defence frigate construction Navy To be determined No detailed information avalible
Harbour tug construction Navy To be determined No detailed information avalible
Barbaros class mid-life modernisation Navy 4 Before end of 2015
Mine sweeper construction Navy To be determined No detailed information avalible
Sail training vessel construction Navy To be determined No detailed information avalible
New type LCT construction Navy To be determined No detailed information avalible
Ocean going tug construction Navy To be determined No detailed information avalible
 Turkish type fact attack craft construction Navy 4 In Q1 or Q2 of 2016
Fast patrol boat construction Navy 8 In November 2015
600 class coast guard vessel construction Coast Guard 8 In preparation

My Impressions From 7. Naval Systems Seminar

7NSS On 12 and 13 October 2015, the 7. Naval Systems Seminar was held in Ankara.

I am personally delighted to see this venue started as a one-man project turned to be an established organisation appreciated by everyone.

Turkish Navy was officially present in this year’s seminar. In previous years Turkish naval officers participated the event on their own without an official endorsement from the force.

It is interesting to notice the gradual changes happening in Turkish ship building industry through this event. This year for example Turkish shipyards decided not to attend with exception of Sedef Shipyard. Is this because the shipyards had to take part in IDEF Defence Fair in spring 2015 and used most of their budgets there, or is it because they know that there are no hot contested projects on the tables?

Saab making fun of LCS.

Saab making fun of LCS.

Most notable absentees were foreign companies and organisations such as UK Trade & Investment Defence & Security Organisation. UKTI DSO which was a prominent participant in early events was absent like US and German delegations and companies. Rolls Royce was the only British company present. After acquisition of Tognum they have become the major engine supplier in many Turkish naval projects. On the other hand the Spanish were there with their huge model LHD model and the Swedish with their smart presentations.

Large Turkish defence companies like Aselsan and Havelsan were also present since they are among the main sponsors of the Naval Systems Seminar, they did not have too much options.

Aselsan is enlarging its product range for naval applications. They offer a variety of devices from 3 dimensional radars to torpedo decoys; from EW suites to remote-controlled guns. Havelsan on the other end is offering mainly command and control and situational awareness solutions for naval applications.

The enthusiasm of the first years have turned in to a more sober mood. In the previpus events people were talking about the things they are going to do in the future. Now they are talking about the things they have done and leason learned by doing them.

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6th Naval Systems Seminar

6th Naval Systems Seminar will be taken place by the support of Undersecretariat Defence Industry (SSM) in November 28-29, 2013 at METU Cultural and Conventional Center in

The aim of the seminar is;
• to increase the common knowledge on the subject of naval systems,
• to improve mutual collaboration for better capabilities,
• to be aware of the abilities of the related universities / experimental institutes and companies in the sector,
• to share different strategies and guides developed for the design and production of the systems at naval defence and security issues.

Naval Systems seminar has become a traditional. It is a good venue to network at get the latest news, rumors and information about the on going projects. 

If you wonder what it is like click here.

My Impressions From 5.Naval Systems Seminar (Part II)

Some more information and gossip from the 5th Naval Systems Seminar. Click here to read the first part on Bosphorus Naval News.

  • In November, F-511 TCG Heybeliada, the first ship of the Milgem class corvettes will leave for her first overseas deployment, to the Gulf of Aden. It is not clear at the moment if she will replace the Gabya (ex-Perry) class frigate F-492 TCG Gemlik the flagship of CTF-151 or not.
  • Towards to the end of the year the Turkish Naval Task Force will be reactivated. It is not clear where the task force will be deployed. It is possible that TCG Heybeliada may be a part of this task force.
  • Inşallah, the first 3 ships of the Coast Guards large Search and Rescue ships will be handed over by RMK to the end use before the end of 2012. This is a direct quote from Mr. Şener.
  • The first four planes from Meltem Project have been in temporary acceptance in Turkish Navy. The main contractor TAI Expects to hand all planes to Turkish Navy until the end of 2013.
  • Below are some interesting slides from various presentations from the seminar.

  • The contracts has been signed for the following projects: The design of the replenishment and support ship, the submarine rescue ship, the rescue and salvage ships, seismic research ship, modernization of SAR-33 class boats.
  • The following units has been handed over to Turkish Navy: Milgem, New Type Patrol Boats 7 units, Coast Guard intervention boats 20+ units, upgraded SAR-35 class boats 4 units, coast Guard large patrol boat 3 units, LCT’s 8 units.

  • Short term projects: Milgem S, replenishment and support ship, LCAC, conceptual design of a national submarine LPD.
  • Long term projects: TF2000, Turkish Type Fast Attack Craft, 600 tons coast guard vessel, minesweepers, training schooners.

  • Estimated cost of the all planned shipbuilding projects : 6,8 billion USD. To make a comparison the total contract value of the proceeding  naval projects is 8 billion USD.
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