>German Naval Task Force In Istanbul

>Now it is official. The ships of the German Training Cruise Flotilla are comming to Istanbul for a port visit. The will stay in Istanbul from 27th May till 1st June.

Be prepared for photos.

>More photos from Kiel

>Well I have spend only a couple of hours in Kiel but it was worth of every minute.

Here are two more photos from that trip:
This is, A-1412 FGS Frankfurt Am Main at Tirpitzpier. She is a Type 702 class combat stores ship. She and her sister A-1411 FGS Berlin are ordered by German Navy to provide support for the German warships taking part in UN type operations.

According to Jane’s she can carry 9540 tons of fuel, 450 tons of water, 280 ton of cargo, 160 tons of ammunition and 26 standard trade containers.

Apparently Berlin and Frankfurt am Main are up to the expectations of the German Navy as a third ship was ordered. She will be commissioned in 2012.

This is the German training ship Gorch Fock at the same pier. Her design is a derivate of the pre Second World War training ships of Horst Wessel class. Three training ships were built in Germany before the war: Horst Wessel, Gorch Fock and Albert Leo Schlageter. All of them survived the war and were confiscated by the Allied forces after the war. Gorch Fock was given to Russia and she serves as Tovarish. Albert Leo Schlageter was first given to Brazil. But she was later sold to Portugal. She is serving as Sagres. And Horst Wessel was taken by US. She is serving today as USCG Eagle.

This Gorch Fock was built in 1958. She has 1950 sq meters of sail area in barque rig configuration. She is a beautiful ship. I would love to see her sailing.

>Kieler U-Boots (Part 2)


These are photos of German submarine S-173 U24 in Kiel Bay. She is a Type 206A class submarine commissioned in 1974. She has a low bridge and it was not fun to be on it when she was going against the wind.

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