Jean Bart In Novorossiysk

D-615 Jean Bart in NovoRossiysk, Russia. Photo:Igor Torgachkin. Used with permission.

D-615 Jean Bart in Novorossiysk, Russia. Photo: Igor Torgachkin. Used with permission.

As reported earlier, the Cassard class French destroyer, D-615 FS Jean Bart has arrived in Novorossiysk on 23 April 2013 for an official visit.

The ship will stay till 26 April. I have no information about where she will sail after leaving Russia.  Russian shipspotter and blogger Mr. Igor Torgachkin has some excellent photos of FS Jean Bart in his website.

French Frigate Arrives in Russia, While Russian Frigates Leaves For France

F-796 Commandant Birot, in Istanbul, in November.

According to Russian web sites, the French Aviso class frigate F-796 Commandant Birot arrived in Novorossiysk, Russia for a 5 day port visit that will end today.

The French frigate was in Istanbul between 16th and 20th November 2011. Before arriving in Istanbul, the ship was part of the Surge Operation for the Operation Active Endeavour.

After her visit in Istanbul the frigate proceeded to the Black Sea. Her first port visit in the Black Sea was in Varna, Bulgaria.

French frigate Commandant Birot arrived in Novorossiysk, Russia with a 5-day visit. The ship moored downtown Novorossiysk at the city sea port where the solemn meeting ceremony took place. 

Right after arrival in the Russian port, French officers visited Novorossiysk city administration and met with city mayor Vladimir Sinegovsky, and then paid a protocol visit to Novorossiysk Naval Base Acting Commander Capt 1 rank Oleg Shastov. 

Later on that day, a press conference for Russian press was held on board the French frigate. 

In the mean time The Russian Black Sea Fleet send her frigate Ladny to the Mediterranean Sea. There the frigate will meet with aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov and destroyer Admiral Chabanenko. Formal calls at ports of Cyprus, Malta, France, and Spain are planed by the Russian while the Syrian harbor Tartaus will remain unvisited.

Black Sea Fleet frigate Ladny on Dec 4 left Sevastopol and laid a course for the Mediterranean Sea to meet with the task unit consisting of ships of Northern and Baltic fleets, reported Capt 1 rank Vyacheslav Trukhachev, the head of BSF Information Support Group. 

The frigate will meet with aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov and ASW shipAdmiral Chabanenko in the Mediterranean Sea, reported Izvestiya in Nov 2011. According to the newspaper, the Russian task unit would call at Syrian port Tartus in spring 2012. This information was later refuted by a Navy’s spokesman. As for him, the Russian carrier group would not visit Syria during the exercise to be held in the Mediterranean this winter. 

“BSF Ladny sailed off Sevastopol heading for the Mediterranean Sea. The ship’s departure was conducted one day before the schedule due to bad weather forecast”, said Trukhachev. 

He added that the ship would pay formal calls at ports of Cyprus, Malta, France, and Spain. 

French Frigate Commandant Birot In Istanbul

The French frigate F-796 Commandant Birot arrived in Istanbul on 16th November 21011, for a port visit. The ship was part of the Surge Operation for the Operation Active Endeavour

Beginning 12 November NATO will concentrate assets in the Eastern Mediterranean for more than a week’s intense patrolling: “The backbone of this Surge is the Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 and maritime air reconnaissance. To this we are adding ships made available specifically for this operation,” said Captain Olivier Bodhuin Chief of Operations at Headquarters Maritime Command, Naples. “France and Romania are putting valuable contributions into this Surge demonstrating the importance nations still give to OAE after more than 10 years of operations. Commandante Birot recently came out of Operation Unified Protector and as a Frenchman I have a great personal satisfaction in seeing Birot join the Surge in direct support to operations,” stated Bodhuin.

Unpredictable and intense periods of maritime operations aimed at disrupting any attempt by terrorists to maneuver in the Mediterranean Sea are one of the tools employed by NATO to help deter, defend, disrupt and protect against terrorism. Known as Deterrent Surges, these operations involve NATO assets converging on defined areas for a pre-planned period of time so as to deter terrorists but also to build and extend the Alliance’s Maritime Situational Awareness of the area.

>Photos From Olives Noires 2010

>The French maritime portal Mer et Marine published photos from anti-mine exercise Olives Noires organized by French Navy. TCG Amasra is the Turkish contribution to NATO’s Standing MCM Group 2 and has taken part in that exercise.

 Olives Noires : Grandes manoeuvres de guerre des mines à Toulon

>TCG Amasra Taking Part In Olives Noires 2010


M-269 TCG Anamur, sister ship of TCG Amasra

The Turkish mine hunter M-266 TCG Amasra is taking part in naval exercise Olives Noires 2010 organized by French Navy. TCG Amasra is the Turkish contribution to NATO’s Standing MCM Group 2.

TCG Amasra was commssioned in 2005. She belongs to Aydin class mine hunters, is based on German Frankenthal Class (Type 332).

Contrary to the widely adopted use of GPR, these ships are made of non-magnetic steel. Thus the Turkish Navy became the second navy using non-magnetic steel in MCM ships, after German Navy.

The ship has 2 PAP-105 Mk5 mine counter ROV’s and Nautis-3M command and control system. The Type 2093 variable depth sonar is hull mounted and can operate up to 200m depth and 12 kts speed.

>Jean De Vienne In The Region


The French destroyer D-643 Jean de Vienne has arrived at Dardanelles after shooting up an Greek islet.

The warship passed the Turkish Stratis and will visits Sevastopol and Nicopolis in Bulgaria where Admiral Jean de Vienne was killed in 1396, after visiting Batumi.

Click here and here for further reading. Photo from Wikipedia.

>French Frigate Will Conduct Exercises In Georgia

>According to excellent webpage, the French warship D-643 Jean De Vienne will visit Batumi, Georgia in July and will held joint military exercises.

The visit of the French warship will last from 8 to 11 July. The ship will be open to public on 9th and 10th July.

It will be not easy for the French to win the hearts and minds of Georgian population with that visit, then most of the Georgians resent the French for the sales of big and modern amphibious Mistral class ships to Russia.

It will be one of the rare occasions when a French warship sails to the Black Sea.

>Turkey: A Misunderstood Nation For Alliance Geostrategique

>The editor, of a French bloggers cooperative, Alliance Geostrategique, asked me to write my 2 cents about the relations and situation between Turkey and France.

Turkey was choosen as the topic of the month in this excellent and interesting blog and they have found my views appealing. I was honored to oblige. You can read my article at:

>French Carrier in Cyprus

>While French destroyer Jean Bart hangs out in Iskenderun, French Carrier De Gaulle is in Limasol visiting Cyprus. She arrived in Limassol on 12th March will stay until 16th. Most probably later the two ships will join to task force.

According to Famagusta Gazette, while in Cyprus, the French carrier and the National Guard will be carrying out search and rescue exercises, air transport manoeuvres and military drills in the context of a defence agreement signed in 2007 between Cyprus and France.

The visit of Jean Bart seems to have diverged the attention of Turkish media away from the visit of De Gaulle.

>French Warship Jean Bart In Iskenderun


French destroyer D-615 FS Jean Bart arrived in Iskenderun Harbor on 12th March Friday for a visit.

Apparently this is not just another liberty visit as French Ambassador to Turkey Bernard Emie, traveled to Iskenderun too.

According to on line news portals the French delegation visited the French military cemetery in Iskenderun. The ambassador and the commander of the ship visited local autohorities and made a small press conference.

The ship will stay in Iskenderun till 15th Match 2010. The photo shows a near sister of Jean Bard, D-614 FS Casard in Istanbul in 1997.

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