>Joint Exercise Of Russian And Turkish Coast Guards

>Turkish General Staff announced today that Turkish Coast Guard was conducting a joint exercise with the Russian Coast Guard (Maritime Guard of the Border Service)

The exercise started on 20th September will end on 23rd September. The purpose of the exercise is to conduct cross training and search and rescue training, to improve cooperation and good relations.

In relation with this exercise the Russian Coast Guard Ship Rubin (050) will perform a port visit in Istanbul.

>Russia Builds Up Sea Border Patrols Around Abkhazia


© RIA Novosti. Vyacheslav Popov

Russian news agency Ria Novosti reports that the fifth Russian Mangust class patrol boat has arrived in Abkhazia to help the former Georgian republic guard its maritime border in the Black Sea.

A Russian coast guard division, based at the Black Sea port of Ochamchira in Abkhazia, is expected to have up to 10 Mangust and Sobol class vessels in the future to patrol 215 kilometers (about 133 miles) of the Abkhazian maritime border.

Georgia considers Abkhazia and its waters part of Georgian territory, and has declared any unauthorized maritime shipments of goods to be illegal. It has already seized a number of cargo vessels heading to Abkhazia. But Georgia lack any naval military power to prevent Russians sending partrol ships and patroling Abkhazian waters.

>Turkish Coast Cutter To Visit Georgian Ports


The coast cutter TCSG-122 will sail to Georgia on Wednesday.

The cutter, currently stationed in Rize will visit Poti first. She is scheduled to arrive at Poti on 14 July. Official visits and some joint exercises will be conducted. On 15th, TCSG-122, will leave Poti for Batumi. After some more visits and exercises, she will return to Turkey on 16 July 2010.

Turkish naval units regurarly visit Georgia and conduct exercises with the Georgian counterparts.

The photo shows TCSG-134 a near sister of TCSG-122.

>TCSG Dost Launched


The first SAR vessel for the Turkish Coast Guard, TCSG Dost SG-701, was launched today. She is been built by RMK shipyard and will be completed in 2011. The second ship, TCSG Güven SG-702 can be seen in the background.

The four ship programme will supply Turkish Coast Guard with four vessels, which will be the largest vessels to be operated.

Turkish Coast Guard does not have a vessel in service that can operate in sea state 5 and higher. None of the existing vessels can support helicopter operations either.

Based on Italian Commandante-Siro class, the ships will have a displacement of 1,700 tons. Main features of the vessels: length 88.40 metres, breadth 12.20 metres, maximum speed 22 knots, range 3,000 nautical miles at a speed of 15 knots.

Photos from: virahaber.com

>More Photos Of President Assad On Board TCSG-303


The website of the presidency of the Republic of Turkey published photos and a video of the ride of the two presidents on board TCSG-303.

According to the photos they seem to have enjoyed the ride very much.

In the video (the second from top) at  point 01:10 one unseen sailor announces the speed as “36 knots and increasing”. This is quite a speed to cruise in Bosphorus.

It is pity that TCSG-303 was not equipped with Stabilized Machine gun Platform (STAMP) like her sister TCSG-307. I believe the ride would be more impressive, if Turkish Coast Guard were able to show the performance of the STAMP too.

>Syria To Buy Turkish Coast Guard Boats?


On Sunday, after the sailing race has ended, suddenly five coast guard vessels dashed through the Bosphorus in very high speed, as if there was some kind of an emergency they have to rush to. After performing a few turns and other maneuvers in the middle of the strait, they have zoomed as fast as they have come, creating lots of waves.

Thankfully I was able to watch this unusual and unexpected performance from the resonant where my wife and I were having a late lunch. We were lucky not to get wet from the incoming waves. Needless to say I have taken lots of photos as well.

I had no clue that, during that time Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and Turkish president Abdullah Gül were personaly on board one of these vessels.

I have found this interesting video, shot at he same day, showing the presidents leaving the coast guard vessel TCSG-303. It seams as if they have enjoyed the ride. The man who stands on the left side of the Syrian president at the time of photo shootings is Mr. Onuk. He is one of the partners of the Yonca-Onuk shipyard that have built all these vessels for the Turkish coast guard.

If Turkish president takes his Syrian counterpart to a ride on a Turkish designed and built coast guard boat, it means that the contract negotiations have reached to a certain degree of maturity.

Syria very well may be the next export customer of Yonca-Onuk’s MRTP family of fast coast guard interception after Georgia, UAE, Pakistan and Malaysia.

>A Video About Deniz Aslanı 2010

>A short video from TRT about Deniz Aslanı 2010 exercise.


>Deniz Aslanı 2010 – Search And Rescue Exercise


Turkish Navy, Coast Guard and Air Force conducted a search and rescue exercise in Aegean, on 29th April 2010.

The participants were one frigate, two corvettes, three coast guard vessels, one plane and five helicopters. The exact names of the participating ships, with the exception of the frigate, were not mentioned in the press releases. But according to photos, corvettes were Burak (A-69) class. The frigate was TCG Fatih, a MEKO 200 TN Track I class.

Click here for the photos.

>Russian Coast Guard Vessels in Ochamchire

>According to Georgian web site Civil.Ge two Russian coast guard boats have arrived at the Ochamchire harbor in the break away region of Abkhazia.

Georgia wants to block the sea borne trade in Abkhazia in order to force this region to stay in the Georgian republic.

Georgian naval units intercepted more than 20 ships in the Black Sea off Abkhazia in 2009.

Russia announced back in September, that it was going to send own coast guard vessels in order to prevent Georigian coast guard to intercept ships traveling to Abkhazia. Now apprently the first units have arrived in the region.

It is possible that we soon hear small scale naval gun fights between Russian and Georgian coast guard vessels if the tension remains as high as it is now.

>The keel of TCSG Dost laid down

>With a ceremony, the keel of the first search and rescue ship TCSG Dost was laid down.

As the construction of the ship was already started in May 2008, there was no keel laying in traditional sense but block erecting. Her launching is scheduled for May 2010

TCSG Dost is the first ship of a batch of 4 ships at RMK Marine Shipyard. The design of these ships is based on the Sirio class vessels produced by Italian Fincantieri.

With the commissioning of these ships Coast Guard will be able to perform its duties mainly search and rescue in sea state 5 and higher.

The photos are from Virahaber.com

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