Chinese Warships Visited Istanbul

Type 054A frigate 532 Jingzhou (left) and Type 052C destroyer 150 Changchun docked to Istanbul Sarayburnu quay.

Type 093 replenishment tanker 890 Chaohu

Between 18 and 21 July 2017 a task force of 3 Chinese warship made a visit to Istanbul

Task Group 150 consisting of Type 052C destroyer 150 Changchun, Type 054A frigate 532 Jingzhou and Type 093 replenishment tanker 890 Chaohu have left China on 23 April 2017, on the 68th anniversary of the founding of the PLAN, for a goodwill voyage to some 20 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania.

The task force headed by Admiral Miao Hua were welcomed by Chinese Military Attaché to Ankara Zheng Qinli, Consul General to Istanbul Qian Bo and a group of Chinese citizens.

This year’s visit was very similar to the previous PLAN visit to Istanbul in 2012 and 2015. In both cases the PLAN fleet was made of one destroyer, one frigate and one replenishment ship.

In 2012 and in 2015 however the destroyer and the frigate have passed through the Bosphorus and entered the Black Sea. This year the ships stayed in Istanbul and have not transit through the Strait northbound. The PLAN task force spend 4 days in Istanbul and left for the Mediterranean.

Here are some close up photos of the destroyer Changhun:

And here are some close up photos of the frigate Jingzhou:

Turkish And Chinese Naval Forces Are Doing Reciprocal Port Visits


F-495 TCG Gediz arrives at naval port Qingdao, east China’s Shandong Province, for a 3-day visit. Photo: Xinhua/Li Qian


The Chinese Jiangkai II (Type 054A) class frigate 550 Weifang in Istanbul.


The Chinese Jiangkai II (Type 054A) class frigate 547 Linyi in Istanbul.


The Fuchi class replenishment tanker Weishan Hu 887 in Istanbul.


I think we are witnessing a rare moment in naval diplomacy. Turkish and Chinese Naval Forces are conducting reciprocal port visits.

Turkish Gabya class frigate F-495 TCG Gediz arrived at a naval port in Qingdao, east China’s Shandong Province, on May 22, 2015 for a 3-day visit. As reported earlier she is on an a commemorative deployment to honor the sunken Ottoman sail frigate Ertuğrul in Japan. Therefore TCG Gediz is visiting the same ports Ertuğrul visited 125 years ago.

While TCG Gediz is in China, 3 PLAN warships, 550 Weifang, 547 Linyi and 887 Weishan Hu arrived today in Istanbul for a port visit. The ships have passed through the Çanakkale Strait yesterday morning and arrived in Istanbul this morning. The duration of the port visit is 5 days.

The Chinese do not talk much about the visit of the Turkish warship. And while the Turkish ship will be open to public visits, the Chinese ships in Istanbul are not open to visit, thought the Chinese allowed visitors on board, while they were in Russia earlier this month.

This double standard makes me, a very sad man.

TCG Gediz In Hong Kong

When PLAN ships were passing through the Turkish Straits, a Turkish frigate was visiting China to return the favor.

TCG Gediz arrived in Hong Kong on 15 May and will stay there till 18 May. The visit of a Turkish warship to a Chinese port is equally rare as Chinese warships passing through the Turkish Straits.

The Turkish navy is paying a rare visit to Hong Kong and mainland waters this week, in a four-day trip that analysts describe as a shrewd move by the European nation to show its traditional allegiance to the West, but also its desire to build ties in Asia, particularly with China.

Last night, Turkey’s top diplomat in Hong Kong, Haldun Tekneci, hosted a reception aboard the frigate TCG Gediz, which docked on Friday in the country’s first naval visit for four years.

“We are super happy and we are so proud to see this warship because it has travelled so far,” he said, adding that the visit was a sign of growing relations with China and the East Asia region.

There was also a meeting at the People’s Liberation Army’s Hong Kong garrison – a courtesy call, Tekneci said – before they head to Qingdao , Shandong , tomorrow.

The TCG Gediz is making Asia the focus of a 122-day tour that started on April 1, taking in 14 nations with 18 stops in the region.

The China stops come at a sensitive time as Turkey’s planned purchase of a long-range missile defence system is still in limbo. It angered fellow Nato members over a 2013 deal to buy from a Chinese firm and has since agreed to look at versions offered by other countries while putting the Chinese deal on hold.

Nevertheless, Ankara’s relations with Beijing have grown significantly in recent years. In 2012, then vice-president Xi Jinping travelled to Turkey, resulting in deals worth US$4.3 billion across industries including finance, renewable energy and mining.

The Commander of Turkish Naval Forces Visits China

According to the website of Ministry of National Defence The People’s Republic of China, Admiral Bülent Bostanoğlu, commander of the Turkish Navy and his party met with Wu Shengli, commander of the Navy of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army

Wu Shengli said that developing a mutually-trustful, win-win and everlasting relationship between the two navies is of great significance for both sides in jointly handling security challenges, deepening the strategic connotations of the relationship between the two countries and the two militaries, and safeguarding each other’s strategic interests. He hoped that the two navies of the two countries can maintain exchanges at all levels, increase exchange visits of warships, push forward cooperation in escort mission, deepen academy exchanges, and carry out joint training of amphibious troops. Wu Shengli also invited the Turkish naval cadets to join the warship training voyage organized by the Dalian Naval Academy next year.

Bostanoğlu said that the friendly relations between China and Turkey are precious and valuable. Turkey attaches great importance to its relationship with China, and the Turkish navy will be devoted to deepening the exchanges and cooperation between the two navies of the two countries and push forward the development of the bilateral relations.

Bostanoğlu and his delegation will also visit the North China Sea Fleet, the East China Sea Fleet, the Naval Submarine Academy and the Institute of Naval Medicine under the PLAN, as well as naval ships and planes.

Admiral Bülent Bostanoğlu also met, with Fan Changlong, vice chairman of the Central Military Commission of the People’s Republic of China on 7 July 2014.

Fan Changlong said that the friendship between China and Turkey goes back to ancient times (emphasis is mine), noting the two countries have maintained sustained, healthy and steady progresses on their friendly cooperative relationship since the establishment of the diplomatic ties, and have supported and coordinated with each other in major international and regional issues.

Fan also said that the relations between the Chinese and Turkish militaries have always maintained a sound momentum of development as evidenced by frequent high-level mutual visits, extensive exchanges and cooperation in military training, exercise and academy education, as well as mutual support in international peacekeeping missions and anti-piracy escort missions.

Fan stressed that the Chinese side attaches great importance to its military relations with the Turkish side, and is ready to further enhance pragmatic cooperation with Turkey in various areas including exchanges between the two navies, so as to upgrade the military cooperation and advance the relations between the two militaries to a higher level.

Bostanoğlu said although Turkey and China are far apart geographically, the people of the two countries have profound friendship. Turkey opposes all forms of terrorism and stands ready to work with China to carry out joint anti-terrorism actions. He hailed the smooth development of the relations between the Turkish and Chinese militaries. He expressed that he will constantly push forward the development of the friendly relations between the two militaries.

I think that Mr. Changlong was trying to be nice when he said that “the friendship between China and Turkey goes back to ancient times”. Let’s not forget why the Great Wall of China was build and against whom.



PLAN Hovercraft Passed Through Turkish Straits

HHL New york

M/V HHL New York, passing through the Dardanelles with the first Pomornik class hovercraft of PLAN to China. Photo: Mr. Ahmet Güven

The Pomornik (Project 1232.3) class hovercraft built for the PLAN passed through the Turkish Straits; but not on her own power.

The craft was on board of M/V HHL New York, a special ship designed for large and difficult cargo. M/V HHL New York left the Ukrainian port Feodosia on 27 April 2013 and passed through Bosphorus on 30 April 2013 in the early hours of before sunrise. She passed through the Dardanelles later the same day.

This hovercraft , the world largest, is the first one of a class of four. The second one will also be constructed in Ukraine by JSC Feodosia Shipbuilding Company. The third and fourth vessels will be produced in China with Ukrainian help.

The ship was built at JSC “Feodosia shipbuilding company” Sea “, which is part of DC” Ukroboronprom “for the needs of Chinese navy. Currently, the company continued the construction of the second ship of Project 958 for the Chinese customer.
  Under a contract signed before the JSC “Feodosia shipbuilding company” Sea “for the Chinese navy will build two amphibious hovercraft project 958. Two of these vehicles will be built with the participation of Ukrainian specialists in the use of domestic components in China.
  The world’s largest amphibious landing hovercraft Project 958 is designed to receive unequipped or equipped with a bank of equipment and personnel marines, shipping them by sea, landing on unequipped coast and fire support landing forces.It can also make transporting mines and setting mine barrages.

Chinese Warships To Be Constructed In Turkey

I must confess that I was appealed when I read this news article for the first time. The article is not a hoax but I do seriously doubt if the honorable Admiral Shiliang Su was not pulling the legs of the Turkish journalist.

This whole story reminded me when the People’s Republic of China promised to send 1 million Chinese tourists to Turkey to agree Turkey to allow passage of the aircraft carrier Varyag through Turkish Straits.

Here is the English translation by Google of the article that is originally in Turkish.

Chinese Warships To Be Constructed In Turkey

China, which is the construction of a number of the world’s cargo and passenger ship, is to order the battleship landed in Turkey. Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy Commander Vice Admiral Su Shiliang, said they wanted to work with warship construction of the Turkish shipyards.

WORLDWIDE, with 85 per cent of freight and passenger ship orders in China , Turkey chose to order the military war ship. Participation from 18 countries, the 12th Europort Istanbul Fair, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy Commander Vice Admiral Su Shiliang headed for 6 people participated in a delegation. The delegation of Turkey stated that naval shipbuilding successful in this regard anlaşabilirlerse said they wanted to work with Turkish shipyards.

Taking advantage of opportunities that would be the years of 2013 and 2014 for Turkey, President of the Chamber of Maritime Commerce Text Kalkavan very big chances for new markets, he said. Turkish shipyards crisis by acting fast ship, repair, maintenance, and repair tends to not only repair the rapidly increasing number of shipyards that Kalkavan, “which is produced in the world to spend 3 times the maintenance got off the ship, each ship can not go to China. There is a market, especially in Europe 80 billion euros, but the ship is unable to price competition with China new ship orders, repairs, maintenance and repair of the lower’ve China, “he said.

DEFENCE offensive with

Turkish sailors with their own means of energy carriers have a wide range of military warships Kalkavan stated that, “the biggest exports in the coming years will the defense industry. Issues such as warships and military defense boots to the success and quality of Turkish shipyards do not have a country that is currently cultivated. Many countries of the world, mainly in Europe warships attack and defense boots orders and re-export of Turkish sailors will pass, “he said. Kalkavan the next 10 years, the industry’s major goals of putting a new 200 thousand jobs, he said.

Are not equal,

Text indicating that they are unequal countries have competing THE INDUSTRY Kalkavan, “If you consider what we are equal, no? Began a new era in the maritime sector. This sector, which survived as long as a crisis, then the path will continue to grow more then progressed. Comes from a very young population and a staff of trained, “he said. Government support in the world that they are not the only maritime sector underlines the President of the Chamber of Maritime Commerce Text Kalkavan, “Thank you for that state. In this way, the shipping industry, shipbuilding industry, ship repair, maintenance, and repair warships headed to the fields of energy and specific so many different platforms, floating plants in the world shipbuilding
to be a single, ship repair, maintenance, managed to be the second, “he said.

Missing Chinese Warship Passed Through Dardanelles

When the Chinese Naval Escort Task Force, consistung of he Ludu (Type 052A) class destroyer 113 Qingdao, the Jingkai II (Type 054A) class frigate 538 Yantai and the Nanyun class replenishment tanker.

Weishan Hu 887 passed through the Suez canal, the destroyer and the frigate entered into the Black Sea to conduct good will visits. But the whereabouts of the tanker was not known.

Well the missing piece of information is now complete. The tanker Weishan Hu passed  through Dardanelles and entered into the Marmara Sea. According to Turkish news reports the destination of the tanker was not disclosed.
Click here for the photo and the article.

Two PLAN Ships Passed Through The Bosphorus

I love how it feels when the things turn out more or less as the way you have planned. Since I first heard yesterday, that two PLAN warships passed through the Dardanelles and are heading for the Black Sea I was thinking in my head How I could intercept them at a suitable point in Istanbul with a good light. As the photos below will testify I was able to realize my plans.

Japanese and South Korean warship do regularly visit Istanbul, but we do not see many Chinese warships in the part of the world. This is the first time I am seeing any Chine warships in my long career of ship spotting and photographing.

And there are three of them. These two are in the Black Sea and according to the news there is a third one some where in the Eastern Med.

I would appreciate it if someone could tell me A) where these two are heading and B) the name of the third one in the Med.

The Ludu (Type 052A) class destroyer 113 Qingdao of PLAN passing through Bosphorus

The Jingkai II (Type 054A) class frigate 538 Yantai of PLAN with Topkapı Palace and Hagia Sophia in the background. 

Click here and here for the activities of the PLAN ships in the Black Sea.

TCG Gemlik Starts Her Shanghai Visit

TCG Gemlik arriving in Shanghai. Photo: Anadolu Ajansı

The frigate F-492 TCG Gemlik arrived in Shanghai on 1 August 2011, to mark to the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Turkey and China.

Upon her arrival the frigate was welcomed by Senior Colonel Wu Weyhua, Turkey’s consul general Deniz Eke and deputy military attaché at the Turkish Embassy in Beijing,  Lieutenant Colonel Mustafa Ömer Seyran.

The ship will stay four days in China and will be open for public visit before sailing to Japan.

Rear Admiral Sinan Ertuğrul, commander of the Turkish Naval Task Group,  who held a short press conference onboard the frigate said the visit was aimed at commemorating the 40th anniversary of the two countries’ diplomatic relations.

He stressed the peacetime importance of navies and said this is the first time in Turkey’s history that an officer at the rank of rear admiral is paying a visit to a Chinese port.

Rear Admiral Ertuğrul also said that bilateral relations are important not only for the countries concerned but also for global peace and stability.

The reminder of the Turkish Naval Task Group, F-244 TCG Barbaros, F-493 TCG Gelibolu and A-595 TCG Yarbar Kudret Güngör are back in the Mediterranean after finishing their anti piracy escorts and patrols. This week, the TNTG will take part in the surge operation of NATO’s Operation Active Endeavor before returning to their home port, Aksaz Marmaris on 8 August 21011.

TCG Gemik in Shanghai. Photo: Anadolu Ajansı

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