Brazilian Frigate Liberal In Mersin


A photo from the reception on board of frigate Liberal. From left to right: Brazilian military attaché, Governor of Mersin, Brazilian Ambassador, Mayor of Mersin, Commander of Meditreeanean Area Command; Commander of MTF-UNIFIL. Photo: Sözcü

The Niterói class frigate F-43 BRS Liberal arrived in Mersin, Turkey, for a 3 day port visit.

The ship joined the Maritime Task Force of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (MTF-UNIFIL) in early September. This is her first port visit in Mersin.

There was a reception on board of frigate.


Brazilian Training Ship Arrived In Istanbul

DSC_4445 kopya

The training ship of Brazilian Navy U-27 Brasil arrived this morning in Istanbul.

BNS Brazil stops by in Istanbul every couple of years during the training cruise of Brazilian Naval Cadets.

I have no information how long she will stay here.

Warships In The Eastern Mediterranean

As the bulk of the Royal Navy’s Response Force Task Group passes through the Suez Canal, and Russia sending two more warships southwards, it is time to update the list of the ships in East Mediterranean

This is the list of the naval vessels in the region i.e. east of Crete:

Russian Navy:

  • 548 Admiral Panteleyev, destroyer
  • 127 Minsk, large landing ship
  • 142 Novocharkassk, large landing ship
  • 055 BDK-98, large landing ship
  • 077 Peresvet, large landing ship
  • 151 Azov, large landing ship
  • SSV-201 Priazove, intelligence gathering ship
  • PM-138, repair ship
  • MB-304, tug
  • Pechenga, tanker
  • 810 Smetlivy, destroyer – ETA 3 days
  • 152 Nikolay Filchenkov, large landing ship – ETA 3 days

US Navy:

  • DDG-52 USS Barry, destroyer
  • DDG-107 USS Gravely, destroyer
  • DDG-61 USS Ramage, destroyer
  • DDG-55 USS Stout, destroyer
  • LPD-17 USS San Antonio, amphibious transport dock
  • T-AO-195 USNS Leroy Grumman, supply ship

German Navy:

  • P-6126 FGS Frettchen, fast attack craft, UNIFIL
  • P-6129 FGS Wiesel, fast attack craft, UNIFIL
  • A-53 FGS Oker, intelligence gathering ship

Royal Navy:

  • L-3008 RFA Mounts Bay, auxiliary landing ship, Cougar 2013
  • L-3007 RFA Lyme Bay, auxiliary landing ship, Cougar 2013
  • L-15 HMS Bulward, landing ship, Cougar 2013
  • F-236 HMS Montrose, frigate, Cougar 2013

Brazilian Navy

  • F-45 União, frigate, UNIFIL

Bangladeshi Navy

  • F-18 BNS Osman, frigate, UNIFIL
  • P-911 BNS Madhumati, large patrol craft, UNIFIL

Indonesian Navy

  • 365 KRI Diponegoro, corvette, UNIFIL

Greek Navy

  • P-69 HS Ypoploiarchos Kristallidis, fast attack craft, UNIFIL

French Navy

  • D-621 FS Chevalier Paul, destroyer

Italian Navy

  • D-553 ITS Andera Doria, destroyer

Any additions and corrections to the list are welcomed.

F-42 Constituição In Istanbul


The Brazilian Niteroi class frigate F-42 Constituição in Istanbul. Photo: Kerim Bozkurt. Used with permission.


The Brazilian Niteroi class frigate F-42 Constituição in Istanbul. Photo: Kerim Bozkurt. Used with permission.


The Brazilian Niteroi class frigate F-42 Constituição in Istanbul. Photo: Kerim Bozkurt. Used with permission.

After finishing her visit to Sevastopol, Ukraine, the Brazilian frigate F-42 Constituição, arrived in Istanbul 3 days ago.

The Niteroi class frigate F-42 Constituição took part as the Brazilian participant to UNIFIL. She was relived by the frigate F-45 Unitao by the same class in July.


Brazilian Frigate In Ukraine

The Brazilian frigate F-42 Constituição, in Sevastopol. Photo: Ukrainian Marine Portal.

While I was able to take photo of many warships in the last couple of days, the maritime traffic on Bosphorus is so large, I have missed one.

On 24 July the Niteroi class Brazilian frigate F-42 Constituição passed through the Bosphorus and arrived in Sevastopol, Ukraine for an official visit. She will stay in Ukraine till 29 July 2013.

Today, July 25, went to Sevastopol frigate Navy of Brazil “Constitution”. The ship moored at berth passenger terminal of “Sevastopol Sea Commercial Port”. The frigate will stay in Sevastopol from 25 to 29 July in accordance with the list of activities of military cooperation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in June and July 2013.

In the national navy command protocol meeting with the commander of the campaign frigate “Constitution”, the commander of surface forces Navy Rear Admiral FBI Rezhynaldo Antonio Lima Pontes Junior, as well as coordinator of the program on the modernization of the Navy Rear Admiral FBI Petronio Augusta Sikuyra where Ahuyaar and commander of the frigate ” Constitution “Captain 2 rank Markos U.D.Abreyra spent Chief of Staff, First Deputy Commander of the Naval Forces of Ukraine Rear Admiral Dmitry Shakur. The meeting was also attended by Ambassador of Brazil to Ukraine Mr. Antonio Fernando Cruz de Mello.

Rear Admiral Dmitry Shakur said that the arrival of the frigate “Constitution” in the port of Sevastopol is the first such visit and promote the expansion of contacts between Ukrainian and Brazilian sailors.

I hope I will be lucky when she passes back to the Mediterranean. This what I like about the Black Sea.

DSC_0008 (1)

The Brazilian frigate F-42 Constituição, in Sevastopol. Photo: Ukrainian Marine Portal.

F-45 BNS União In Istanbul

The NATO Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 consisting of F-805 HNLMS Eversten and FGS F-208 Rheinland Pfalz has left Istanbul on 25 May 2012. They will stop at Aksaz Naval Base in Marmaris, before heading to Gulf of Aden to continue NATO’s anti piracy operation, Operation Ocean Shield.

F-45 BNS União

But as the photo above show we have a new visitor: the Brazilian Niterói Class Frigate F-45 BNS União.

From November 2011 till this month, she was the flagship of Rear Admiral Luiz Henrique Caroli of Brazil, the Commander of the UNIFIL-MTF which is assisting the Lebanese Navy monitor Lebanese territorial waters. Another Niteroi class frigate F-43 BNS Liberal has replaced her in UNIFIL. The Brazilian sailors are doing a well earned port visit in Istanbul before departing for a long voyage to home.

The starboard Bofors 40mm Mk3 Sea Trinity gun and MM-40 Block II Exocet missiles

The 375mm Bofors ASW mortar (left) and 115mm Vickers Mk8 gun. The fouling on the ship is visible in this photo. She will be overhauled upon her arrival in Brazil for sure.

The ship crest and the AESN RAN 20 search radar

The União from starboard quarter. The Mk29 SAM launcher at aft is visible

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