Albanian Patrol Vessels Visit Izmir

Albanian offshore patrol vessels ALS Oriku (left) and ALS Butrinti in İzmir Port in mid-July.

In mid-July, ALS Oriku arrived in İzmir, Turkey to replace her sister ALS Butrinti and.

The 42,8 meter long, boats have 260 tons of displacement. Their 20mm remotely controlled gun turrets were installed in 2018.

ALS Butrinti has patrolled on behalf of NATO Standing NATO Maritime Group Two Task Unit 01 since January 2018. Her replacement ALS Oriku will be deployed in the region until the end of the year.

While the boats are swapped in 6-month periods, the crews only serve for about 3 months. The 21-strong crew of ALS Oriku represents the 12. Albanian Contingent.

TCG Preveze Arrives In Durrës

TCG Preveze arrives in Durres. Photo:

Turkish submarine TCG Preveze arrived in Albanian port Durrës for a port visit.

In accordance with the cooperation plan between the Albanian Maritime Force and Turkish Navy, the submarine TCG Preveze arrived at the port of Durrës for a several day harbor visit. 

While in port TCG Preveze will host members of the Albanian Maritime Force, representatives of the Durres Port Authority, Military Police.

This is the second time TCG Preveze visits Durrës. She was there 3 years ago. The message, sending the submarine named after an important naval victory by Ottoman Navy  against the Papal fleet in the Gulf of Arta, near Preveza should be clear.

It is interesting to note that Turkish warship but particularly submarines regularly visit Durrës. As far as I know, the following  Turkish naval units were in Durrës:

TCG 1. İnönü In Durrës

TCG 1. İnönü in Durres port. Photo: Durres Lajm

It is not usual for submarines to make port visit in foreign countries.  TCG 1. İnönü visited the Albanian port Durrës between 30 March and 1 April 2017.

According to Albanian press:

Her visit to our country made in the framework of strengthening relations between the navies of the two countries and NATO operations. The submarine is about 62 m long and has a total carrying capacity of our 1456. It is equipped with eight torpedo visible, and other military equipment, the number of which has been withheld for military reasons.

It is engaged in the protection of Turkish national security and in the framework of the activities of NATO forces in support of global peace and security. The submarine, the Turkish production in 2008, has a crew of 45 soldiers of various ranks. After entering the port, command of the submarine crew and officers are expected in separate meetings with the mayor of Durres Vangjush Dako and then by the Prefecture of Durres Roland Xhelili.

It is interesting to note that Turkish submarines regularly visit Durrës. As far as I know, the following  Turkish submarines were in Durrës:

TCG Preveze In Durrës

Preveze Durres1

Turkish Preveze (Type 209/1400) class submarine S-353 TCG Preveze in Durrës, Albania. Photo: Albanian Armed Forces.

Turkish submarine TCG Preveze made a 3 day port visit in Durrës, Albania. She was returning from the NATO exercise Dynamic Manta 2015 in Italy.

The submarine set sail for this deployment on 3 September 2015.

Pursuant to the Plan of Cooperation between the Albanian and the Naval Forces of Turkey, arrived for a visit in Durres port, the submarine “TCG Preveza S – 353”. The Purpose of this visit is Cooperation and joint training between Our Force and the Turkish Navy Marine. Turkish ship Was escorted to our territorial waters from small sailing motorboat R – 118, with commander kapitenllejtënant. Alket Cullhaj. In the dock 4 port Durres ND “TCG Preveza” Was Received by staff of Naval Flotilla, Representatives of the Authority and Durres Port Security, Military Police, Private Entities, etc.

While it is not usual for submarines to visit foreign ports, Durrës has been a prefered stop over for Turkish submarines in the last few years:

2014: TCG Sakarya

2013: TCG Anafartalar

2010: TCG Dolunay

TCSG Umut In Durres


The Chief of General Staff of the Albanian Armed Forces, General Major Jeronim Bazo visiting TCSG Umut in Durrës. Photo: Albanian Military Forces

The Turkish Coast Guard vessel SG-703 TCSG Umut is visiting Durrës, Albania.

She arrived on 2 December 2013 and will stay in Durrës till 4 December. During her long-range deployment and endurance trails, TCSG Umut is making history. Her visit is probable the first official visit of a Turkish Coast Guard vessel in this country. Last week the ship was in Messina Italy, which was a first too.

Turkish Navy give emphasis to its relations with Albania and Turkish warships even submarines visit Albanian ports quite regularly.

Interior Minister Samir Tahiri and Mayor of Durres Vangjush Dako visited Turkish coast guard vessel TCSG UMUT, who arrived the morning of 2 December at the port of Durres. 

Albanian dignitaries are expected by the commander of the ship captain of the first rank Ertan Balxhi (Balci), Commissioner of the ship captain of the first rank Xhynejt (Cuneyt) Kara and other officers. The meeting was attended Roland Xhelilaj mayor and county council chairman Alfred Mullaraj Durres. 

The commander of the ship TCSG UMUT and other military expressed its satisfaction at the visit Durres. It discussed issues relating to military cooperation within NATO and the friendship that exists between the Albanian and Turkish. 

The biggest ship of the Turkish coast guard TCSG UMUT with a crew of 90 persons, including 15 officers, has come to the port of Durres in the implementation of the plan of bilateral military cooperation between our country and the Republic of Turkey in 2013. The purpose of this visit is to exchange experience between the naval forces of Albania and Turkish naval forces as well as the participation of the Turkish ship in a joint exercise.

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The Mediterranean Odyssey of TCG Heybeliada (Part 3)

TCG Heybeliada in Durres, Albania. Photo: Albanian Military Forces

TCG Heybeliada in Durres, Albania. Photo: Albanian Military Forces

The Turkish Milgem class corvette, F-511 TCG Heybeliada arrived in Durrës Albania today for a 3 day visit.

Albania is her last visit before returning to home. TCG Heybeliada visited Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia before.

According to Albanian Military Forces announcement the Albanian Chief of General Staff General Xhemal Gjunkshi, and the Commander of Naval Forces General Qemal Shkurti visited the ship.

In the framework of bilateral cooperation between the Albanian Armed Forces and the Armed Forces of Turkey, from 8 to 10 July 2013 in Durres seaport, is conducting a port visit to the Turkish ship “TCG Heybeliada”.

Chief of General Staff of Armed Forces Major General Jamal Gjunkshi, accompanied by the Commander of the Naval Force, Kemal gjeneralbrigade February have now developed a visit to the ship. During this visit was also attended by the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey in our country, Mr. Hasan Asan.

Thursday with Turkish ship commander will give a press conference of interested media, which will also have the opportunity to film and interview.

During the ship in the port of Durres, meetings are scheduled shuttle commander with the Mayor of Durres and the Prefect of the Region. The crew will visit the archaeological and cultural facilities in the city of Durres. A special visit is planned to be developed by the Albanian Navy personnel who have conducted various studies and training in Turkey.

The commander of TCG Heybeliada Commander Kuşçu showing his ship to the Albanian Chief of General Staff

The commander of TCG Heybeliada Commander Kuşçu, showing his ship to the Albanian Chief of General Staff General Xhemal Gjunkshi

NATO SNMCMG-2 In Albania (Part 2)

M-260 TCG Erdemli, arriving in Vlores, Albania.

M-260 TCG Erdemli, arriving in Vlores, Albania. Photo: Albanian Armed Forces.

The Albanian Armed Forces is providing information about the SNMCMG-2 visit to this country:

Today, on 06.07.2013 at 08:00 in the Sea Port of Vlora arrived ready group of NATO minesweeper, SNMCMG 2. Ready Group of the NATO minesweeper, SNMCMG2, composed of ships “HMS LEDBURY”, “TCG EDINCIK” and “ITS Crotone” between 7 to 10 June 2013 is conducting a port visit in Port of Vlora, in compliance Support Plan for NATO Integration (ISP) for 2013. The purpose of this visit is to familiarize the exchange of experiences and the development of a joint naval exercise “PASSEX” Naval Flotilla boats, Pashaliman, Vlora.

This exercise serves to increase the professionalism of the personnel of the Naval Force ships, and enhances interoperability of our vessels under joint development of naval operations to NATO. This exercise which will take place on the last day of stay shipping group willing to NATO, SNMCMG2 the Port of Vlora.

NATO SNMCMG-2 In Albania

NATO’s mine counter measures group SNMCMG-2 Arrived in Vlores, Albania on 7 June 2013 for a 4 day visit.

Three NATO SNMCMG2 Mine Counter-measuring Ships have anchored on Friday morning in the port of Valona.

Official sources from the Albanian Ministry of Defense confirmed that these ships will stay on this port for 4 days, from June 7 until June 10, 2013.

The Ministry of Defense said that this visit is held on the framework of the support plan for integration in the NATO and its scope is to offer knowledge on the standard operational sea procedures.

After the anchoring of the ships in the port of Valona, commanders of these ships have visited the Command of the Sea Fleet in Pashaliman to hold a meeting with commander, First Captain Subi Zenelaj. /ibna/

In the task force are the Turkish mine hunter M-260 TCG Edincik, the Italian mine hunter 5558 ITS Crotone and one unidentified Royal Navy warship.

This an Albanian news clip about the SNMCMG-2 visit.

And this is an Albanian news article about the visit.

TCG Anafartalar In Durres Albania


TCG Anafartalar, in Durres Albania

The Turkish submarine in the Ionian Sea, TCG Anafartalar made a four-day visit to Durrës, Albania, after she has participated to the NATO ASW exercise, Noble Manta 2013. It is not common for submarines to make port visits.

From the news bulletin of Durrës Port Authority dates 14 March 2013:

This morning in the port of Durres has arrived Turkish submarine “TCG Anafartalar.” Official sources Naval Forces Command, announced that Turkish Navy military ship will conduct a 4-day port visit, scheduled for 2013 our member countries of NATO. During their stay in our country staff submariner “TCG Anafartalar s-356” will conduct visits to some of the major cities of the country, as well as historical and archaeological center. Meanwhile provided with cultural and sports activities between local sailors and friends from Turkey – our Command naval sources said. This is the third submarine of the Turkish Naval Fleet to visit the port of Durres in a period of three years. Submarine “TCG Anafartalar” will leave the port of Durrës on 17 March.

As far as I know TCG Dolunay was in Durrës in 2010. I would appreciate any information about other Turkish submarines in Duress in 2011 and 2012.

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