REİS CLASS (214 Type 1200)

S- Pirireis 23.3.2021

Displacement: 1800 tons dived
Dimensions: 65 x 6.2 x 6.6 meters
Speed: 12 kts (surfaced); 20 kts (dived)
Crew: 27 (5 officers)

Missiles: Harpoon SSM
Torpedoes: Mk-48 14 Harpoons & Torpedoes;

Radars: Surface search
Sonars: Passive, flank, active search and attack

The construction of the first submarine has officaly started on 10th October 2015, 6 years after signing of the contract.

On 2nd July 2009, a contract was signed by Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft GmbH (HDW), Kiel, a company of ThyssenKrupp Technologies, and MarineForce International LLP (MFI), London, for the delivery of six material packages for the construction of Class 214 submarines to Turkey.

The value of the contract is estimated as 2,5 billion €. There is a %80 offset agreement. The submarines will be built in Gölcük Naval Shipyard where 11 submarines of Type 209, were previously built.

The signing of the contract was the end of a long series of bureaucratic procedures that started in 2006
In all previous submarine production projects, Turkish input was limited. But in the Type 214 production, many Turkish defense companies will supply their own systems.

  • HAVELSAN will take part in the creation of the command and control software of the submarines. With the GENESİS project this company gained a lot of know-how for surface ships. With the Type-214 project, they will also gain know-how of software integration and creation for submarine systems.
  • Koç Savuma Sistemleri will develop a torpedo countermeasure system
  • MİLSOFT will deliver Link11/22 data transfer software
  • TÜBİTAK will supply their underwater telephony system and self-noise and other signature measuring systems
  • STM will gain know-how in submarine construction and system integration.
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