This is A-585 TCG AKIN. She is a swimming piece of history. She was build as a Chanticleer class submarine rescue ship, named ASR-10 USS Greenlet. She was launched in 1942 and commissioned in USN in 1943.

She saw action in World War Two. She was in Tokyo Bay, when Japan surrendered in 1945. She saw action in Korean War and in Vietnam War. In 1973 she was transferred to Turkish Navy.

She is the sole submarine rescue ships in Turkish Navy. Currently Turkish Navy operates 14 conventional diesel-electric submarines. There is no other NATO nation that operates more diesel-electric submarines.

It is obvious that this old, grand lady cannot cope with the operational tempo and range of the Turkish submarine fleet.
In a case of Subsunk, she would spend many valuable hours on the way. Her ability to help the crew escape from distressed sub is limited as well. The only way TCG Akın can reach a distressed sub is, by the Submarine Rescue Chamber, a modified McCann Bell she caries. These deficiencies were address two fold. First Turkey became a member of the International Submarine Escape and Rescue Liaison Office (ISMERLO).

Secondly, Turkey started a new accusation project for a new and modern submarine rescue ship. This project, also know as the Moship project, is run by Undersecretariat For Defense Industries.

When this project is completed, Turkish Navy will have a modern and capable submarine rescue ships and TCG Akın will have her well deserved rest.

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