Breeze 2016 Naval Exercise

Bulgaria is hosting the Breeze 2016 naval exercise from 8. July till 17. July 2016.

As many as 25 naval vessels from Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Spain and Turkey, two aircraft and two helicopters, and 1700 troops will take part in the exercise.

Turkish led NATO mine task force SNMCMG-2 is also in Bulgaria for this occasion.

This is the list of the participating warship That I could find:

Number Name Nation Type
A-579 TCG Cezayirli Gazi Hasanpaşa Turkey Tender
M-260 TCG Edincik Turkey Mine hunter
M-34 SPS Turia Spain Mine hunter
62 ROM Sub Lieutenant Alexandru Axente Romania Mine sweeper
 S-356 TCG Anafartalar Turkey Submarine
P-1207 TCG Tekirdağ Turkey Patrol boat
P-337 TCG Atak Turkey Fast attack craft
F-222 ROM  Regina Maria Romania Frigate
190 ROM Lastunul Romania Corvette
P-70 HS Y. Grigorpoulos Greece Fast attack craft

Foreign Warship On Bosphorus in 2016 (Part 23)

Here are photos of foreign warships, that have passed through Bosphorus, in last two weeks:


Russian Ropucha class landing ship Yamal heading to the Mediterranean. Photo: Alper Böler.


Ropucha class landing ship Minsk heading to the Mediterranean. Photo: Yörük Işık.

Axente 2

Romanian mine sweeper Sub Lieutenant Alexandru Axente passed Bosphorus northbound as part of NATO SNMCMG-2. Photo: Yörük Işık.

HS Ypoploiarchos Grigoropoulos

Greek fast attack craft HS Ypoploiarchos Grigoropoulos passed Istanbul to take part in Breeze 2016 naval exercise in Bulgaria. Photo: Yörük Işık.

SPS Turia

Spanish mine hunter SPS Turia passed Bosphorus northbound as part of NATO SNMCMG-2. Photo: Yörük Işık.


Loaded, Russian landing ship Azov heads back to the Mediterranean Sea. Photo: Alper Böler


Frigate Pytlivy headed back to her home base. Photo: Yörük Işık.


The buoy tender KIL-158 returned from her Mediterranean deployment Photo: Yörük Işık.


Romanian mine sweeper Sub Lieutenant Alexandru Axente made a southbound passage through Istanbul one week before returning back to the Black Sea. as part of NATO SNMCMG-2.


The third Russian improved Kilo class submarine Stary Oskol made her inaugural passage to the Black Sea.


Landing ship Saratov made a Syrian deployment with a presumably military truck on her deck.


Azov returned from her Syrian deployment in late June. Photo: Yörük Işık.

The list of the foreign warships passed through Istanbul Strait is here.

Russian Submarine Stary Oskol Passed Through Bosphorus


Russian submarine Stary Oskol passing through Istanbul.


Russian submarine was escorted by Turkish Coast Guard vessel TCSG-88 and trailed by Turkish ASW boat P-1207 TCG Tekirdağ during the submarines passage through Istanbul. Frigate TCG Yıldırım was waiting for the submarine at the northern entrance of the Strait.


Stary Oskol is the third improved Kilo class submarine assigned to the Black Sea Fleet.


On 29 June 2016, the improved Kilo submarine of the Black Sea Fleet, Stary Oskol made her inaugural passage through Istanbul Strait.
She is the third of a four Varshavyanka submarines being build for the Russian Black Sea Fleet. The first pair of these submarines, Novorossiysk and Rostov-na-Donu are already been commissioned.

With the arrival of this boat, the number of submarines in Russian Black Sea Fleet has increased to four: the Kilo class Alrosa and the impreoved Kilo (Varshavyanka) class Novorossiysk, Rostav-na-Donu and Stary Oskol.

During her passage through Istanbul Strait, the submarine was escorted by Turkish Coast Guard vessel TCSG-88 and trailed by anti submarine warfare patrol boat TCG Tekirdağ. Turkish frigate TCG Yıldırım was waiting for her at the northern enterance of the Istanbul Strait.

From The Archive (21)


S-196 U-17 in Marmaris on 28 April 2005. She visited the city during Marmaris Maritime Fair. Note the size difference between U-17 in foreground and Tang class TCG Pirireis in the background. U-17 was decommissioned on 14 December 2010.

From The Archive (20)


Italian helicopter cruiser, C-550 ITS Vittorio Veneto in Istanbul. She visited Istanbul a few times before being decommissioned in 2003. I have no date for this photo but it looks like late 1990’s.

Foreign Warship On Bosphorus in 2016 (Part 22)

Here are photos of foreign warships, that have passed through Bosphorus, in last two weeks:


Russian auxiliary cargo ship Vologda-50 making a southbound passage. Her crudely painted over older names are visible. Photo: Yörük Işık.

Georgy Pobdonesets returned from her Syrian deployment 10 day after passing southbound. Photo: Alper Böler

Yamal made a very quick return trip to Syria. She was seen southbound just after 5 days from her northbound passage. Photo: Alper Böler.


Buoy tender KIL-158 made a southbound passage. Photo: Yörük Işık.


US Navy destroyer USS Porter left Black Sea 12 after spending 12 in the region. Photo: Alper Böler.


Russian Navy auxiliary cargo ship Dvinitsa-50 returned from her Syrian deployment. Photo: Yörük Işık.


Berting tug of Royal Netherlands Navy A-873 Zuiderzee passed through Turkish Straits on her way to Netrherlands. She was built in Damen Shipyard in Galati, Romania.

Landing ship Yamal returns from her Syrian deployment. Photo: Alper Böler

Russian landing ship Georgiy Pobdonesets on her way to Syria.  Photo: Yörük Işık.

The list of the foreign warships passed through Istanbul Strait is here.

Mid-Life Modernisation For Preveze Class Submarines

DSC_4321 kopya

One of the four Preveze class submarines which will receive a mid-life-modernisation.

The Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (UDI) has issued a request for proposal for the mid-life modernisation work on Preveze class submarines.

UDI has issued the RfP in Turkish as it is local development project.

UDI previously managed the upgrade of two Type 209/1200 class submarines TCG Doğanay and TCG Dolunay. The contract was awarded to STM and the project included renewal of electronic support, attack and search periscopes and inertial navigation systems.

although the scope of mid-life modernisation work on Preveze class submarines has not been published yet, it is safe to assume it will involve the upgrade of the electronic systems maybe even the combat management system. If so then the CMS developed for Preveze class submarines may work as a prototype for the future CMS of the Reis (Type 212) class submarines.

Turkish Navy operates 12 Type 209 submarines. The oldest 5 of them are Ay class submarines. The reminder are Type 209/1400 class submarines. The first batch of four is known as Preveze class and the last four as Gür class. The main difference between these are the later have a new fire control system integrated with the sonar, new data links and improved target acquisition and tracking capabilities.

Turkish Company Will Upgrade Pakistan’s Submarines

Pakistan’s Ministry of Defence Production selected Turkish company Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik (STM) to upgrade Pakistani Khalid class submarines.

The contract was signed on 22 June and is about the upgrade of one submarine with an option for two. Pakistan operates 3 Khalid submarines.

The work on the first submarine will be finished in 45 months. Pakistani media said the modernisation programme would focus on mission systems and sensors within the submarine, including a new combat management system. According to media reports STM has beaten the French company DCNS that designed and constructed the Khalid class submarines.

This contract is a major milestone for STM. STM was established in 1991 to provide system engineering, technical support, project management, technology transfer and logistics support services for Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM). The contract is important since Turkish does not operate any French designed submarines. All Turkish Navy submarines are Type 209 variants. Thus STM will have to develop its solution on a new and previously unknown platform. This might be a challenge.

STM is also the main contractor of the logistic support ship currently being constructed in Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works Ltd in Pakistan.

This is however is not the first time Turkey is helping Pakistan Navy to maintain its submarines. Tench class submarine PNS Ghazi was sent to Turkey for a $1.5 million refit in 1967-68.


From The Archive (19)


French helicopter cruiser R-97 FS Jeanne d’Arc in Istanbul on 12 February 1996. She visited Istanbul a few times during her training cruises for French naval cadets.

TCG Burgazada Launched


TCG Burgazada on the slipway ready to be launched. The first section of TCG Kınalıada is already assembled and is ready to be put on the slipway. This photo was taken earlier this week.


Same scene from a slightly different angle.

Today the third ship of Ada class, TCG Burgazada was launched in Istanbul Naval Shipyard and the keel laying ceremony for the fourth ship TCG Kınalıada was conducted.

The construction of TCG Burgazada started on 27 September 2013. For the previous two ships, Istanbul Naval Shipyard needed 3 years from the start of the construction till launching. However the shipyard was able to shorten the construction time of TCG Burgazada by 100 days.

These two ships, together with the previous pair will constitute Ada class.

During the launching ceremony the Commander of Turkish Naval Forces, Admiral Bülent Bostanoğlu said that the planned construction time for TCG Kınalıada will be 8 months shorter.  He also noted that the second batch of four ships will be constructed in İ class configuration. The construction of the fifth ship, named  TCG İstanbul, will start in Januray 2017. These ships are scheduled to be commissioned between 2021 and 2024.


Here is a short video of the launch:


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