USS Carney In Bodrum

US destroyer USS Carney in Bodrum. Photo: Bodum'da Bugün

US destroyer DDG-64 USS Carney in Bodrum. Photo: Bodum’da Bugün

The Arleigh Burke class US destroyer DDG-64 USS Carney arrived in Bodrum, Turkey for a 3 day port visit.

According to wikipedia, on 12 November 2009, the Missile Defense Agency announced that Carney would be upgraded during fiscal 2012 to RIM-161 Standard Missile 3 (SM-3) capability in order to function as part of the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System.

FS Surcouf In Marmaris

F-711 FS Surcouf arrives in Marmaris. Photo:

F-711 FS Surcouf arrives in Marmaris. Photo:

The French La Fayette class frigate F-711 FS Surcouf arrived in Marmaris, yesterday.
The ship will leave on Monday and resume her duties in the Eastern Mediterranean.

On a lighter note the arrival of the French ship was published by many Turkish media portals as

The French Navy frigate Scout F711, conducting NATO duties, came in the morning to Marmaris.

It seems to write the correct name of the ship was an unbearable burden for the Turkish journalist originating the story, and the editors of the other news portals using the story did not bother to checking the facts.

Chevalier Paul In Marmaris

The French destroyer D-621 Chevalier Paul in Marmaris. Photo: DHA via

The French destroyer D-621 Chevalier Paul in Marmaris. Photo: DHA via

The second Forbin (Horizon) class destroyer of the French Navy D-621 FS Chevalier Paul arrived in Marmaris, Muğla for a 3 day port visit.

Toulon based warship, has been deployed in the Eastern Mediterranean since mid September.

Jean Bart In Istanbul


D-615 FS Jean Bart arriving in Istanbul, on 30 April 2013

After visiting Novorossiysk and Varna, the French destroyer D-615 FS Jean Bart arrived for a 3 day visit.

FS jean Bart is very similar in operational capabilities with her 40 SM-1 MR surface to air missiles fired by the Mk-13 launcher and Smart Mk2 3D radar to the Turkish Navy Gabya class frigates.

She looks old and tired. Her crew must have a hard time in keeping her in good shape.

The Russian Warship Bora Will Visit Istanbul In May

Bora Class Guided Missile Corvette Samum. Photo: Wikipedia

Bora Class Guided Missile Corvette Samum. Photo: Wikipedia

The Voice Of Russia reported today that a Russian warship will be visiting Istanbul between 7 and 10 May 2013.

The Bora class hoverborne guided missile corvette of the Russian Navy, RFS Bora will be in Istanbul during the IDEF’13, 11th International Defence Industry Fair.

The Bora class corvettes have a very unconventional structure where a large air cushion is placed between a catamaran hull.

This shape provides lift and high speed.

The ship is armed with Moskit anti-ship missiles and short range anti aircraft missiles.

The sensor suit and the armament of this class closely resembles another Russians corvette class Tarantul.

It is the largest military hovercraft unmatched anywhere in the world. With the displacement of 1000 tons, the craft has a cruising speed of 100 kilometers an hour. It is armed with 8 Mosquito missiles which can strike targets on the sea and on land. The hovercraft has 20 anti-aircraft missiles, an artillery complex, a machine-gun and an interference creating device. The hovercraft has an aluminium hull. Though it’s a light craft, its seaworthiness is very high. The hovercraft can be on an autonomous voyage for 10 days. One refueling is enough for 2,500 miles. The complement is 68 men.

I sincerely hope that I may be able to take photos of the strange and interesting vessel.

FGS Hessen In In Marmaris


F-221 FGS Hessen and A-1442 FSG Spessart in Aksaz. Photo:

In the morning hours two German warships will leave the Turkish naval base Aksaz, Marmaris and will head to eastern Mediterranean. The frigate F-221 FGS Hessen and the replenishment ship A-1442 FSG Spessart have arrived in Aksaz naval base on 8th March 2013 for a 3 day port visit.

According to NATO, these two warships make the whole Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 which conducts the Operation Active Endeavour in the eastern Mediterranean.


Italian Carrier Cavour Arrived In Marmaris

Italian aircraft carrier ITS C-550 Cavour in Marmaris.

Italian aircraft carrier ITS C-550 Cavour in Marmaris. Photos:

The Italian aircraft carrier C-550 ITS Cavour arrived in Marmaris as planned, today.

The Italian task force commanded by Rear Admiral Carlo Massagli, consists of carrier ITS C-550 Cavour, destroyer D-554 ITS Calio Dulio and the fleet tanker A-5327 ITS Stromboli.

The destroyer and the tanker have docked at the Aksaz Naval Base adjacent to the touristic town of Marmaris. The highly visible aircraft carrier however docked at the port in Marmaris usually used by large passenger ships.

According to Wikipedia, Cavour was laid down by Fincantieri on 17 July 2001, and she was launched from the RivaTrigoso shipyard in SestriLevante, on 20 July 2004.

The ship is designed to combine fixed wing V/STOL and helicopter air operations, command and control operations and the transport of military or civil personnel and heavy vehicles. The 134 metre, 2,800 m2 hangar space can double as a vehicle hold capable of holding up to 24 main battle tanks  or many more lighter vehicles, and is fitted aft with access ramps rated to 70 tons, as well as two elevators rated up to 30 tons for aircraft. Cavour can also operate as Landing Platform Helicopter (LPH), accommodating heavy transport helicopters and 325 marines.

The ship is armed with following weapons:

  • 4 × 8 cell A-43 Sylver launchers carrying the MBDA Aster 15 surface to air missile
  • 2 × Oto Melara 76/62 mm Super Rapido gun
  • 3 × Oerlikon Contraves25/80 mm AA gun

The Italian ships will stay in Marmaris until 12th February 2013.

Click here for the video of Cavour in Marmaris.

Click here for more photos.


Italian Aircraft Carrier ITS Cavour Will Visit Marmaris

Tomorrow, on 9th February 2013 the Italian aircraft carrier C-550 ITS Cavour will start a port visit in Marmaris, Muğla.

The Andrea Doria class destroyer D-554 ITS Calio Dulio and the fleet tanker A-5327 ITS Stromboli are escorting the aircraft carrier. The destroyer and the tanker are going to dock in Aksaz Naval Base adjacent to the town of Marmaris where as the aircraft carrier will dock to the pier reserved for large passenger ships in Marmaris town where she will be highly visible to everyone.

What’s good is an aircraft carrier if you cannot show off with it? Right.

USS Laboon In Kuşadası

USS Laboon docking in Kuşadası harbour. Photo:

USS Laboon docking in Kuşadası harbour. Photo:

The Arleigh Burke class destroyer DDG-58 USS Laboon arrived in Kuşadası for a 3 day rest and relaxation.

According to news reports additional security measures on land and on sea were taken to provide protection for the ship.

Chinese Puzzle Solved

The PLAN replenishment tanker Weishan Hu.

All warships of the 11th Chinese naval escort task force of the Navy of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) are all present and accounted for.

The activities of the destroyer Quingdao 113 and the frigate Yantai 538 were easier to follow and to report. But the replenishment tanker Weishan Hu 877 was unaccounted for since she entered into the Mediterranean Sea. On Saturday she arrived at Dardanelles and passed it entering to Marmara Sea. She did not passed through the Bosphorus though. She is currently in Istanbul with Quingdau conducting a good will visit. And the frigate Yantai is in Varna.

Weishan Hu can carry 10500 tons fuel, 250 tons of water, 680 tons of ammunition.

Here is a short summary of the activities of PLAN ships since they have entered into the Mediterranean Sea:

Quingdao Yantai Weishan Hu
23 July Suez Suez Suez
29 July Dardanelles Dardanelles  – ? –
30 July Bosphorus Bosphorus  – ? –
31 July Sevastopol Constanta  – ? –
4 August Underway Underway Dardanelles
5 August Istanbul Varna Istanbul
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