TCG Enez In Italian Minex 2015


Engin class mine hunter of Turkish Navy, TCG Enez during Italian Minex 2015. Photo: Italian Navy.

M-262 TCG Enez, Engin class mine hunter from Turkish Navy is taking part in Italian mine warfare exercise Italian Minex 2015 as part of NATO SNMCMG-2.

The training involves all the staff and facilities of the strength of mine countermeasures based in La Spezia and forces European and NATO mine countermeasures, including Spain, Germany, France, Greece, Slovenia, Turkey and the participation of observers from different Nations such as Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Croatia, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, the United States, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

The purpose of the exercise is to train the staff, employed on board and ashore, to plan and conduct effective remediation of the seabed by working in a scenario that plays, as realistically as possible, a situation of crisis in which the threat is not It is predictable. The task force will be able to make a complete mapping of the seabed are able to discover, locate and identify any object visually / threat present beneath the surface.

This is the list of the other participants as far as could find:

Number Name Type Nationality
M-645 FNS Orion Minehunter France
M-1063 FGS Bad Bevensen Minehunter Germany
M-63 HN Kallisto Minehunter Greece
5556 ITS Alghero Minehunter Italy
M-31 ESPS Seguna Minehunter Spain
M-32 ESPS Sella Minehunter Spain
M-262 TCG Enez Minehunter Turkey

After The Conclusion of Mavi Balina, Participants Start Their Port Visits


From left to right: USS Leyte Gulf, TCG Yarbay Kudret Güngör, USS Cole, TCG Kemalreis in Antalya. Photo: Mert Şekersoy. Used with permission.


TCG Kemalreis in foreground and USS Cole in background in Antalya. Photo: Mert Şekersoy. Used with permission.


USS Leyte Gulf, in Antalya. Photo: Mert Şekersoy. Used with permission


HMCS Toronto and one Preveze class submarine of Turkish Navy arriving in Antalya. Photo: Mert Şekersoy. Used with permission.

As the Turkish led anti submarine warfare exercise Mavi Balina 2014 ends participating warships are starting their port visits in order to give their crews a rest.

Today Turkish warships, F-247 TCG Kemalreis, A-595 TCG Yarbay Kudret Güngör and one Preveze class submarine, Canadian frigate FFH-331 HMCS Toronto and US Navy warships CG-55 USS Leyte Gulf and DDG-67 USS Cole have arrived in Antalya.

In the meantime Turkish frigate TCG Gelibolu and submarine TCG Burakreis will start their port visit in Girne while the fast attack craft TCG Bora will visit Gazimağusa.

Maltese Naval Forces

Being an island at the middle of the Mediterranean, the Maritime Squadron of Armed Forces of Malta has a wide range of duties, including coast guard, customs, marine police, fisheries protection and search and rescue.

Melita 1

Melita 1, CP800 Vittoria Melita class search and rescue launch


P02, Boomeranger class RHIB


P21, P21 class inshore patrol vessel


P23, P21 class inshore patrol vessel


P24, P21 class inshore patrol vessel


P32, Bremse class patrol boat

P51 kopya

P51, Protector class patrol boat


P51, Protector class patrol boat


P52, Protector class patrol boat


P61, Diciotti class offshore patrol vessel. P61 is the flagship of Maltese Maritime Squadron.


P61, Diciotti class offshore patrol vessel


A RHIP of the Maltese Police.

HMS Daring In Malta


Royal Navy Destroyer D-32 HMS Daring. Seen from a distance over 10 km.


Royal Navy Destroyer D-32 HMS Daring. Seen from a distance over 10 km.

Yesterday, HMS Daring arrived in Malta with a very excellent timing, after a few hours I had to fly home.

The photo above was taken on 16 February 2014, over a very long distance as the destroyer was waiting for the right time to enter the Grand Harbour.

For a better photo of her visit:

French Navy Conducted Exercise With Greek Cypriot Coast Guard


French frigate F-711 Surcouf conducted an exercise with Greek Cypriot Navy. Photo: Official French Navy photo.

The French, La Fayette class frigate F-711 FS Surcouf conducted PASSEX with Greek Cypriot Navy on 21 January 2014.

The coast guard vessel CV-24 Onisilos was the Cypriot contribution to the exercise.

The Surcouf sailed from Larnaca at 8:30 Tuesday, Jan. 21 after three days of release operational on the island.
This is far from the coast with 14 on board Cypriot policemen and two consuls within a day of joint exercises with the Cypriot navy.
The morning started off with Panther for winching on patrol Cypriot Onisillos , escorting the Surcouf few hundred yard.

Once the Panther in flight, the helicopter Cypriot participant to exercise, AW-139, had a winch load on the platform helicopter Surcouf before filing a
response team of the Cyprus Police climbing rope who then made a VISITEX (method methodical tour of a building by a specialized team) of Surcouf.
Finally, to close the morning, the helicopter performed a basketful SAR winching a diver aboard Surcouf and different maneuvers aviation.

In the early afternoon, a “SAREX” or exercise “search and rescue” involving the search for a man overboard was conducted by helicopter Cyprus in
coordination with the Surcouf. The visiting team of Surcouf then, in turn, produced a VISITEX on Onisillos .

Russian Warship Movements Through Turkish Straits (Part 36)

PM-138 returning to the Black Sea. Photo: Kerim Bozkurt. Used with permission.

PM-138 returning to the Black Sea. Photo: Kerim Bozkurt. Used with permission.

In the last weeks of 2013 we are seeing a slightly increased traffic of Russian warships through Turkish Straits.

The factory ship PM-138 returned to the Black Sea on 19 December 2013 where as the large landing ships Yamal, Alexander Shabalin and Nikolay Filchenkov have been deployed to the Mediterranean.

The updated list of Russian warship movements in 2013:

Date Number Name Direction
01/01/13 142 Novocharkassk Southbound
09/01/13 152 Nikolay Filchenkov Northbound
09/01/13 151 Azov Northbound
12/01/13 142 Novocharkassk Northbound
14/01/13 102 Kaliningrad Northbound
14/01/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Northbound
16/01/13 151 Azov Southbound
04/02/13 151 Azov Northbound
04/02/13 150 Saratov Northbound
04/02/13 810 Smetlivy Northbound
04/02/13 Ivan Bubnov Northbound
05/02/13 110 Moskva Northbound
07/02/13 102 Kaliningrad Northbound
07/02/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Northbound
08/02/13 Kildin Northbound
20/02/13 102 Kaliningrad Southbound
20/02/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Southbound
25/03/13 102 Kaliningrad Northbound
25/03/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Northbound
11/04/13 102 Kaliningrad Southbound
11/04/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Southbound
14/04/13 151 Azov Southbound
26/04/13 PM-138 PM-138 Southbound
24/04/13 102 Kaliningrad Northbound
24/04/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Northbound
24/04/13 Dubna Northbound
30/04/13 102 Kaliningrad Southbound
05/05/13 PM-56 PM-56 Northbound
05/05/13 152 Nikolay Filchenkov Northbound
11/05/13 102 Kaliningrad Northbound
11/05/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Northbound
11/05/13 151 Azov Northbound
19/05/13 151 Azov Southbound
 /05/13 151 Nikolay Filchenkov Southbound
23/05/13 077 Peresvet Northbound
23/05/13 055 Admiral Nevelskoi Northbound
27/05/13 151 Azov Northbound
27/05/13 151 Nikolay Filchenkov Northbound
10/06/13 CCB-201 Priazove Southbound
17/06/13 152 Nikolay Filchenkov Southbound
20/06/13 102 Kaliningrad Southbound
20/06/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Southbound
01/07/13 102 Kaliningrad Northbound
01/07/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Northbound
03/07/13 MB-304 MB-304 Southbound
03/07/13   Ivan Bubnov Southbound
03/07/13 120 Moskva Southbound
13/07/13 102 Kaliningrad Southbound
25/07/13 200 Perekop Northbound
26/07/13 152 Nikolay Filchenkov Northbound
26/07/13 151 Azov Northbound
31/07/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Northbound
31/07/13 127 Minsk Northbound
11/08/13 127 Minsk Southbound
11/08/13 955 Burya Southbound
17/08/13 151 Nikolay Filchenkov Northbound
19/08/13 055 BDK-98 Southbound
19/08/13 077 Peresvet Southbound
20/08/13 151 Azov Southbound
20/08/13 ? ? Southbound
21/08/13 955 Burya Northbound
01/09/13 548 Admiral Panteleyev Southbound
05/09/13 SSV-201 Priazove Southbound
05/09/13 142 Novocharkassk Southbound
05/09/13 127 Minsk Southbound
12/09/13 152 Nikolay Filchenkov Southbound
12/09/13 810 Smetlivy Southbound
16/09/13 077 Peresvet Northbound
16/09/13 055 Admiral Nevelskoi Northbound
17/09/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Northbound
25/09/13 055 Admiral Shabalin Southbound
25/09/13 077 Peresvet Southbound
30/09/13 KIL-158 Southbound
04/10/13 127 Minsk Northbound
04/10/13 142 Novocharkassk Northbound
07/10/13  110 Alexander Shabalin Southbound
12/10/13 156 Yamal Northbound
12/10/13 055 Admiral Nevelskoi Northbound
20/10/13  142 Novocharkassk Southbound
22/10/13  156 Yamal Southbound
22/10/13  127 Minsk Southbound
05/11/13 KIL-158 Northbound
06/11/13 151 Azov Northbound
08/11/13 152 Nikolay Filchenkov Northbound
08/11/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Northbound
15/11/13 121 Moskva Northbound
04/12/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Northbound
04/12/13 Iman Southbound
10/12/13 016 Georgiy Pobedonosets Northbound
12/12/13 156 Yamal Northbound
17/12/13 110 Alexander Shabalin Southbound
17/12/13 156 Yamal Southbound
18/12/13 152 Nikolay Filchenkov Southbound
19/12/13 138 PM-138 Northbound

TCSG Umut In Durres


The Chief of General Staff of the Albanian Armed Forces, General Major Jeronim Bazo visiting TCSG Umut in Durrës. Photo: Albanian Military Forces

The Turkish Coast Guard vessel SG-703 TCSG Umut is visiting Durrës, Albania.

She arrived on 2 December 2013 and will stay in Durrës till 4 December. During her long-range deployment and endurance trails, TCSG Umut is making history. Her visit is probable the first official visit of a Turkish Coast Guard vessel in this country. Last week the ship was in Messina Italy, which was a first too.

Turkish Navy give emphasis to its relations with Albania and Turkish warships even submarines visit Albanian ports quite regularly.

Interior Minister Samir Tahiri and Mayor of Durres Vangjush Dako visited Turkish coast guard vessel TCSG UMUT, who arrived the morning of 2 December at the port of Durres. 

Albanian dignitaries are expected by the commander of the ship captain of the first rank Ertan Balxhi (Balci), Commissioner of the ship captain of the first rank Xhynejt (Cuneyt) Kara and other officers. The meeting was attended Roland Xhelilaj mayor and county council chairman Alfred Mullaraj Durres. 

The commander of the ship TCSG UMUT and other military expressed its satisfaction at the visit Durres. It discussed issues relating to military cooperation within NATO and the friendship that exists between the Albanian and Turkish. 

The biggest ship of the Turkish coast guard TCSG UMUT with a crew of 90 persons, including 15 officers, has come to the port of Durres in the implementation of the plan of bilateral military cooperation between our country and the Republic of Turkey in 2013. The purpose of this visit is to exchange experience between the naval forces of Albania and Turkish naval forces as well as the participation of the Turkish ship in a joint exercise.

For further reading:
TCG Anafartar in Durrës
TCG Dolunay In Durrës
TCG Heybeliada In Durrës

TCSG Umut In Messina

SG-703 TCSG Umut, docking in Messina. Photo:

SG-703 TCSG Umut, docking in Messina. Photo:

Turkish Coast Guard vessel SG-703 TCSG Umut is making her first foreign port visit to Messina, Italy. This might be the first ever visit of a Turkish Coast Guard vessel to Italy.

Under the Plan of bilateral cooperation between the Turkish and Italian Coast Guard to allow the exchange of information and mutual experiences in the areas of search and rescue (SAR), control of migration flows and vessel traffic (VTS system operation), control Fisheries and contrast modes marine pollution and illegal trafficking of waste, arrived this morning at the port of Messina the Turkish Coast Guard Ship TCSG UMUT (703).

The Turkish patrol the high seas is a unit of 88.80 meters at whose command is placed Lieutenant Commander Cuneyt KARA. The mission commander is Captain Ertan BALCI. The crew consists of 90 people including 15 officers.
The unit was met at the dock and then the Turkish delegation was received by the Commander Master CV Samiani, in the presence of the Commander of Maridist CV Legrottaglie. During the morning were then made protocol visits to the Port Authority, the Mayor of Messina and the Prefect. The command of the ship then called the authorities on board for lunch.

The choice of which port of call in Messina Unit was motivated by the opportunity for crew members to visit both the Italian Coast Guard vessels stationed in the port of Messina, both the Centre and the School of VTS Messina. Tomorrow will be made some visits to structures and naval units of the Coast Guard, under the command of Paul ZUMBO CV and the Navy found in Messina, as well as social and sports activities will be held joint.

Messina is a fitting place for TCSG Umut as she is based on Sirio class OPV vessels of Italian Navy. Besides Italians naval enforcement agencies face very similar challenges like their Turkish counter parts therefore establishing operational relations ships and exchanging experiences will mutually benefit all parties.

The Dost class vessels are the largest vessels ever used by Turkish Coast Guard and have longest range of all coast guard units. Thus Turkish Coast Guard needs to establish procedures for long-range deployments and need to learn their ships capabilities and limitation is the open seas.

Doğu Akdeniz 2013 Naval Exercise

Turkish Navy announced that the Doğu Akdeniz 2013 naval exercise will start on 4th November. The invitation only exercise will continue till 14 November 2013.

Besides ships, planes of Turkish Navy, Coast Guard and Air Force, SNMG-2 task force of NATO and one US Navy destroyer will also take part in the exercise which will be conducted in like its name implies in Eastern Mediterranean.

The purpose of the exercise is to develop mutual cooperation and to provide training opportunities to the participating forces on regional crisis intervention along a provided scenario.

5 naval helicopters, 1 maritime patrol plane, one underwater assault team and one naval WMD response team, planes from Turkish air force and NATO Maritime Security Center of Excellence will participate in the exercise along with the ships listed below:

Number Name Type Country
F-X TCG X Frigate Turkey
F-X TCG X Frigate Turkey
F-X TCG X Frigate Turkey
F-X TCG X Corvette Turkey
F-X TCG X Corvette Turkey
P-X TCG X Fast Attack Boat Turkey
P-X TCG X Fast Attack Boat Turkey
P-X TCG X Fast Attack Boat Turkey
P-X TCG X Fast Attack Boat Turkey
S-X TCG X Submarine Turkey
S-X TCG X Submarine Turkey
S-X TCG X Submarine Turkey
A-X TCG X Tanker Turkey
A-X TCG X Tanker Turkey
P-X TCG X Patrol Boat Turkey
P-X TCG X Patrol Boat Turkey
F-101 ESPS Alvaro De Bazan Frigate Spain
F-246 TCG Salihreis Frigate Turkey
F-219 FGS Sachsen Frigate Germany
DDG-55 USS Stout Destroyer USA

Any additions and corrections are most welcome.

The Participants Of Brilliant Mariner 2013

One of the NATO’s largest exercise Brilliant Mariner 2013 is continuing in the Mediterranean.

The exercise, which will end on 6 October 2013, will take place in the Tyrrhenian Sea between Sicily and Sardinia.

Over five thousand military and naval personnel from 12 NATO nations comprising Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany , Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States will participate in this major annual exercise.

25 warships, including one aircraft carrier, 12 frigates, one amphibious warfare ship, one auxiliary ship and 7 mines countermeasures vessels will be involved, alongside a wide variety of aircraft, submarines and embarked marines. Two submarines and a Maritime Patrol Aircraft will also take part.

I was able to compile the most of the participating ships with the help of Russian radio scanners:

Number Name Type Country
C-550 ITS Cavour Aircraft Carrier Italy
D-554 ITS Caio Duilio Destroyer Italy
D-561 ITS Francesco Mimbelli Destroyer Italy
F-571 ITS Grecale Frigate Italy
F-574 ITS Aliseo Frigate Italy
F-576 ITS Espero Frigate Italy
F-557 ITS Fenice Corvette Italy
P-490 ITS Comandante Cigala Fulgosi OPV Italy
P-493 ITS Comandante Foscari OPV Italy
L-9893 ITS San Marco LPD Italy
A-5327 ITS Stromboli Tanker Italy
F-103 ESPS Blas De Lezo Frigate Spain
F-246 TCG Salihreis Frigate Turkey
F-219 FGS Sachsen Frigate Germany
F-218 FGS Meclenburg- Vorpommern Frigate Germany
S-522 ITS Salvatore Pelosi Submarine Italy
S-358 TCG Çanakkale Submarine Turkey
A-512 FGS Mosel Tender Germany
M-1061 FGS Rottweil Mine hunter Germany
M-264 TCG Erdemli Mine hunter Turkey
5558 ITS Crotone Mine hunter Italy
5552 ITS Milazzo Mine hunter Italy

Any additions and corrections are most welcome.

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