F-244 BARBAROS 29 September 1993
23 May 1997
F-245 ORUÇREİS 28 July 1994
23 May 1997
F-246 SALİHREİS 26 September 1997
22 July 1998
F-247 KEMALREİS 24 July 1998
8 June 2000



TCG Kemalreis with her new new SMART-S MK2 3D radar.

Displacement: 3380 tons full load
Dimensions: 116.7 x 14.8 x 4.3 metres
Speed, Range: 32 knots, 4100 miles at 18 kts.
Crew: 220 (24 officers)

Guns: 1 x 127 mm/54; 3 x 25 mm Sea Zenith (quad)
8 x Harpoon SSM
Mk 29 Mod4 launcher: 16 x Sea Sparrow SAM (TCG Oruçreis)
Mk41 Mod 2 launcher:  16 x Sea Sparrow  or 32 RIM-162 ESSM SAM (on TCG Barbaros, TCG Salihreis and TCG Kemalreis)
Torpedoes: 2 x 324 mm Mk 32 triple launcher for Mk 46 Mod 5; anti-submarine torpedoes.
Helicopters: 1 x S-70-B2 Seahawk or 1 x AB 212 ASW

Radars: AWS 9, (3-D) air search; SMART-S Mk2 3D (on TCG Barbaros, TCG Salihreis and TCG Kemalreis as February 2015), AWS 6 Dolphin, air/surface search; Dual STIR, fire control; TMX, fire control (on TCG Salihreis and TCG Kemalreis); 2 x Seaguard, fire control; Decca 2690BT ARPA, navigation; URN 25, Tacan
Sonars: SQS-56

Improved versions of Yavuz class. The improvements such as CODOG machinery for higher top speed, are results of the lessons learned from operating Yavuz class. All vital areas of the machinery are protected with Halon 1301 fire fighting system. Most of the ship is protected against NBC by a citadel. The ships have a pre-wash capability against fallout.

The first pair has the standard Mk29 Sea Sparrow launcher whereas the second pair has Mk41 Mod8 VLS for Sea Sparrow. It was planed that the VLS system would be retrofitted to the first pair and TCG Barbaros received the new launcher during her overhaul in 2014-2015. TCG Oruçreis will face a similar treatment.

The British made AWS 9 3D air search radar is being replaced by Dutch made SMART-S Mk2 3D radar. TCG Salihreis is the first ship of this class to receive this new radar in 2012.

They have very modern command, communication, control and information (C3I) systems. The integration of ASIST helicopter landing aid system enables this class to operate Seahawk helicopters.

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