M-265 ALANYA 21 March 2003 26 July 2005
M-266 AMASRA 10 May 2004 26 July 2005
M-267 AYVALIK 26 July 2005 22 June 2007
M-268 AKÇAKOCA 27 September 2006 17 September 2007
M-269 ANAMUR 17 September 2007 10 October 2008
M-270 AKÇAY 27 September 2008 15 December 2009

M266 M267 M268 M269 M269_1 M270

Displacement: 715 tons full load
Dimensions: 54.5 x 9.6 x 2.5 metres
Speed, Range: 14 knots, 2400 miles at 10 kts.
Crew: 59 (7 officers)

Guns: 1 x 30mm; 2 x 12,7mm MG

Radars: 1007, navigation
Sonars: Marconi, Type 2093 variable depth sonar

In 1999, the German shipyards Abeking & Rasmussen and Lürssen Werft were awarded with the contract about 630 million US Dollar, of building 6 mine hunters. The contract was signed on 30 July 1999. The design is very similar to Type 332 mine hunters in German Navy.

First ship was built in Germany; reminder in Istanbul Naval Yard. Contrary to the widely adopted use of GPR, these ships are made of non-magnetic steel. The design is very similar to Type 332 mine hunters in German Navy. Thus the Turkish Navy became the second navy using non-magnetic steel in NATO for mine hunters besides German Navy

Each ship will have 2 PAP-105 Mk5 mine counter system and Nautis-3M command and control system. The Type 2093 variable depth sonar is hull mounted and can operate up to 200m depth and up to 12 knots.

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