A-582 ALEMDAR 29 April 2014  28 January 2017

Displacement: 4447 tons full load
Dimensions: 91 x 18.5 x 7,8 meters
Speed, Range: 18 knots, 4500 miles at 14 knots.
Crew: 131


Radars: Navigation


TCG Alemdar is a dedicated submarine rescue mother ship designed to perform subsea and surface search and rescue missions in various sea conditions. The main task is to rescue submarines that are unable to resurface themselves. She can provide life support to the stranded crew of a distressed submarine up to 600 meters depth. She is carrying ROV’s, atmospheric diving suits and other necessary equipment.She is interoperable with NATO Submarine Rescue System. There are two pressure chambers on board.

Her pennant number was A-601 when she was launched. It was changed before her commissioning.

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