Happy Navy Day!

The 27th September, the anniversary of the Battle of Preveza, is celebrated as the Navy Day.

On 27th September 1538, a naval battle for the supremacy in the Mediterranean was fought between the Ottoman Navy commandeered by Barbaros Hayrettin Pasa and the fleet of a Christian alliance assembled by Pope Paul III and commandeered by Andrea Doria.

With the victory at Preveza and the subsequent victory in the Battle of Djerba in 1560, the Ottoman Empire successfully repulsed the efforts of Venice and Spain, the two principal Mediterranean powers, to stop the Turkish drive to control the Mediterranean. This only changed with the Battle of Lepanto in 1571.

According to marvelous book Empires of The Sea by the historian Roger Crowley, the importance of the Battle of Preveza lays in its psychological effects as the battle shattered the morale of the Christian Alliance that fought against the Ottoman Empire for the control of the Mediterranean.

I could not think about a better day today to update the order of battle for Turkish Navy:

Active Building Planned
Submarines (Note-1) 12 1 5
Frigates (Note-2) 16 1 7
Corvettes 8 2
Fast Attack Craft – Missile (Note-3) 19 4
Patrol Craft 16
Mine hunters/Mine sweepers (Note-4) 15 6
LPD (Note-5)  1 1
LST 4 1
LCT/LCU/LCM/LCAC (Note-6) 21 8
Fleet Support Tankers 2 1
Tankers / Replenishment Ships (Note-7) 5  2
Training Ships 10
Salvage Ships 19 1
Helicopters (Note-8) 33 6
Planes 8 6

Here is a detailed version of the above list:

Active Building Planned
209 Type 1400 submarines 8
209 Type 1200 submarines 4
214 Type 1800 submarines 1 5
MEKO 200 class frigates 8
Gabya (Perry) class frigates 8
TF-2000 class frigates 4
İstanbul class frigates 1 3
Milgem class corvettes 2 2
Burak (Type A 69) class corvettes 6
Kılıç class fast attack craft 9
Yıldız class fast attack craft 2
Doğan class fast attack craft 8
Turkish type fast attack craft 4
Tuzla class patrol craft 16
Aydın class minehunters 6
Edincik (Circé) class minehunters 5
Mine hunters/sweepers 4 6
LPD  1 1
LST 5 1
Support tankers 5 2 1
Training ships 10
Salvage ships and tugs 19 1
AB-212 ASW helicopters 11
S-70B ASW helicopters 24
ATR-72 ASW planes 2 6
CN-235 ASW planes 6

Note 1: The construction of the first Type 214 class submarine TCG Pirireis has started on 10th October 2015.
Note 2: The second batch of 4 Ada class corvettes has been enlarged to the new İstif class frigates.
Note 3: Procurement of 4 (plus 6 optional) fast attack of local design armed with missiles is planned.
Note 4: The procurement of 6 new minesweepers is planned.
Note 5: The construction of the first LPD TCG Anadolu will start in Autumn 2016.
Note 6: 6 LCM and 2 LCAC may be procured with the LPD but the acquisition of these smaller vessels is not definite yet.
Note 7: Two oil tankers are constructed by a private shipyard. Additionally, procurement of one fleet replenishment ship is planned.
Note 8: The AB-212 helicopters are mostly used for utility duties. 6 additional Seahawk have been ordered.

Foreign Warship On Bosphorus in 2017 (Part 25)

Here are photos of foreign warships, that have passed through Bosphorus, during last two weeks:

Russian modified Sorum class tug Viktor Konetskiy passing northbound through Istanbul. She is pulling the armament carrier / special test vessel Viktor Cherokov.

Russian naval auxiliary Viktor Cherokov made her inaugural northbound passage through Istanbul. She was initially, laid as armament transporter but when entered into service she was modified as an underwater weapons test ship.

The newest warship of the Russian Black Sea fleet, Admiral Essen returned from her 75 days long deployment in the Mediterranean. Photo: Yörük Işık.

Russian Ropucha class large landing ship Tsezar Kunikov made her 7th southbound transitn through Istanbul in 2017. Photo: Yörük Işık.

Romanian tall ship Mircea, sister of German ship Gorch Fock finished her sit in with the German Navy as her sister being overhauled and returned home. Photo: Kerim Bozkurt.

Russian Ropucha class large landing ship Azov made her 3rd southbound passage through Turkish Straits in 2017. Photo: Serhat Güvenç

Russian Ropucha class large landing ship Yamal made her 8th southbound transitn through Istanbul in 2017. Photo: Yörük Işık.

Italian destroyer D-560 Luigi Durand de la Penne is one of the few warships still in active service that can fire more than two guns in a broadside. She has finished her training cruise and left the region. Photo: Yörük Işık.

Krivak class frigate Pytlivy made a southbound transit through Turkish Straits. She will join Russian Fleet in the Med. Photo: Kerim Bozkurt.

The list of the foreign warships passed through Istanbul Strait is here.

Vietnamese Warship Sighted

The Dutch-flagged heavy load carrier M/V Rolldock Star made a short stop in Istanbul on 16 September 2017. She has departed from Novorossiysk, Russia and is on her way to Vietnam. Her cargo is the first ship of the second batch of Gepard class frigates Vietnam has ordered.

In 2012 Vietnam has ordered a pair of additional Gepard 3.9 class frigates from Gorky Shipyard in Zelenodolsk. The second batch is different as they are optimized for ASW role and have 533mm torpedo tubes, the first two pair lack.

Gepard 3.9 is the export class of the 11661E class patrol ship. She is 102 m long, 2,200 tons displacement, 103 crew members, a maximum speed of 23 knots, 9200 km operating range.

The warship is not named yet and has the temporary pennant number of 486.

Dynamic Monarch 2017 Paticipant List

Submarine rescue exercise Dynamic Monarch is continuing in Eastern Mediterranean, near Turkish Naval Base Aksaz.

The exercise is hosted by Turkey and sponsored by NATO. The participants are demonstrating multinational submarine rescue cooperation and interoperability. The exercise enables worldwide partners to share submarine escape and rescue related knowledge.

The above photo posted by NATO Submarine Command shows the participants to the exercise.

The names of the ships and submarines are below:

Number Pennant Number Name Type Country
1 P-1202 TCG  Köyceğiz Patrol Boat Turkey
2 A-5309 ITS Anteo Submarine Rescue Ship Italy
3 S-359 TCG Burakreis Submarine Turkey
4 M-270 TCG Akçay Mine Hunter Turkey
5 F-492 TCG Gemlik Frigate Turkey
6 SD Northern River Submarine Rescue Ship UK
7 S-74 ESPS Tramontana Submarine Spain
8 A-582 TCG Alemdar Submarine Rescue Ship Turkey
9 M-265 TCG Alanya Mine Hunter Turkey
10 S-353 TCG Preveze Submarine Turkey
11 A-590 TCG İnebolu Tug Turkey
12 P-1208 TCG Kaş Patrol Boat Turkey

Submarine Search, Escape And Rescue Exercise Dynamic Monarch 2017 Starts Tomorrow

Commissioned in January this year, submarine rescue mother ship TCG Alemdar will take part in Dynamic Monarch exercise.


Turkey will host the submarine search, escape and rescue exercise Dynamic Monarch. The exercise is the 10th in a series of NATO sponsored exercise will start on 8th September off the coast of Marmaris, Turkey.

The aim of the exercise is to demonstrate multi-national submarine rescue co-operation and to share related knowledge amongst partners.

Following units will take part in the exercise:

From Turkey: One frigate, two rescue vessels, two submarines, two minesweepers, two patrol boats, one submarine parachute assistance team, one submarine one maritime patrol plane, one helicopter, two patrol vessels from Coast Guard, one ambulance helicopter from Turkish Army and one C-130 Hercules cargo plane from Turkish Air Force.
From Spain: One submarine.
From Italy: One submarine rescue mother ship, one submarine rescue vehicle
From US Navy: One diving bell
From Canada: One diving team, one medical assistance team
From Poland: One diving team
Further more the NATO Submarine Rescue System (NSRS), owned and operated by Norway, France and the United Kingdom will also take part.

The exercise will end on 22nd September.

Foreign Warship On Bosphorus in 2017 (Part 24)

Here are photos of foreign warships, that have passed through Bosphorus, during last week:

Russian Ropucha class landing ship Yamal returned from her 7th Syrian deployment. Photo: Yörük Işık.

Romanian Border Police boat MAI-1101 replaced by her sister MAI-1104 returned from her Frontex deployment in Chios. Photo: Yörük Işık.

Italian destroyer D-560 Luigi Durand de la Penne made a northbound passage through Turkish Straits. She is on a training cruise for the cadets of 2. class of Italian Naval Academy.

Bulgarian Border Police boat Pomodor made her southbound passage through Turkish Straits. She is going to take part in Frontex mission. Photo: Yörük Işık.

Romanian Border Police boat MAI-1104 made a southbound passage through Turkish Straits. She is replacing her sister boat MAI-1101 on Frontex mission on Greek Island Chios.

The list of the foreign warships passed through Istanbul Strait is here.

Victory Day 2017

F-241 TCG Turgutreis left and F-246 TCG Salihreis right in Istanbul to commemorate Victory Day.

We are grateful to those who paid the ultimate price for our independence and for our country.

This year we celebrate the 95th anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Dumlupınar, the final battle in the Turkish War of Independence in 1922.

The Battle of Dumlupınar was fought from 26 August to 30 August 1922, at the end of the battle the invading Greek Army was definitely and distinctively beaten and the almost all the invading foreign forces were repelled.

This victory opened the way of the independent Turkish Republic, which is more valuable to us than anything else.

Foreign Warship On Bosphorus in 2017 (Part 23)

Here are photos of foreign warships, that have passed through Bosphorus, during the last 10 days:

Russian Ropucha class landing ship Yamal is once again heading to Syria. Photo: Yörük Işık.

Russian Smolny class training ship Perekop with cadets on board, is making a deployment from Sevastopol to St. Petersburg. Note her pennant number is changed from 200 to 310.

The summer holiday for Syrian Express is over. Russian auxiliary Dvinitsa-50 heading to Syria. Photo:Kerim Bozkurt.

US Navy destroyer USS Porter transiting northbound through Istanbul. Photo: Yusuf Genç, via Yörük Işık.

The list of the foreign warships passed through Istanbul Strait is here.

The Nature Of The Beast

This is a photo of TCG Yıldıray, during a transit through Istanbul. TCG Batıray is identical.

Russian website inforeactor published a post about the Sea Breeze 2017 naval exercise, held in Ukraine, between 10. and 23. July 2017.

According to the post Turkish submarine TCG Batıray was able succesful ambushing Ukrainian frigate Hetman Sahaidachny and US Navy cruiser USS Hué City.

So, an incidental situation developed during the training search for a submarine in the coastal waters of Odessa. According to the plan of the exercises, the Turkish diesel-electric submarine S349 Batiray lay in ambush, waiting for the passage of a large warship. She was searched by US cruiser CG66 Hue City and the flagship of the Ukrainian fleet, the “Hetman Sagaidachny” frigate. However, already at sea it became clear that both ships were not capable of detecting submarines.

On an American vessel, the towed hydroacoustic station was absent, since it was sent for repair. And in general, Americans positioned themselves as observers and advisers. On the Ukrainian ship, the situation was no better – after the “overhaul”, the GAS simply disappeared, and there were no others in the warehouses. Almost 7 hours the flotilla was looking for a Turkish submarine, until it was decided to lift the aircraft into the air. But even here the Americans did not use their equipment, leaving the search for the conscience of the Mi-14PL. On board the Ukrainian helicopter still preserved several sonar buoys, but they were without power supplies. As a result, the search was carried out purely theoretically. “Intruder” was discovered only after ascending to periscope depth….


TCG Batıray is an old submarine in service since 1978. She represents the first generation of Type 209 boats in service. Never the less, TCG Batıray being a conventional submarine and a knowing the area well has a distinct advantage against Hetman Sahaidachny and USS Hué City. The former is a Krivak III class frigate originally constructed for Soviet Border Guard forces. She is old and desperately needs replacement, something Ukraine currently can’t afford. USS Hué City is a Ticonderoga class cruiser, primary an air / ballistic missile defence ship with better underwater sensors than Ukrainian frigate.

This year Sea Breeze exercise did not  had a predetermined scenario. This year the exercise was held in a “free play” mode. Thus Turkish submarine took the necessary actions to hide itself and hunt its targets.

The Russian is a blatant propaganda site. They published this post not to praise Turkish Navy but to ridicule the Ukrainian Navy and it’s largest supporter US Navy. But to be honest what else could be the outcome of the described encounter?  That is the nature of the submarine warfare.

Foreign Warship On Bosphorus in 2017 (Part 22)

Here are photos of foreign warships, that have passed through Bosphorus, during the last 3,5 weeks:

Russian mine sweeper Valentin Pikul returning from her Mediterranean deployment. Photo: Saadettin Irmakçı via Yörük Işık.

The 3rd improved Kilo class submarine to join the Black Sea Fleet, Krasnodar made her maiden voyage through Turkish Straits. Her deployment cruise lasted more than 4 months with a 3 months loitering off the coast of Syria. Photo: Saadettin Irmakçı via Yörük Işık.

Russian intelligence gathering ship Kildin, southbound on Bosphorus. Photo: Tom Brindle.

The flagship of NATO Standing Maritime Group Two, HMS Duncan exited Black Sea after spending 19 days.

US cruiser USS Hué City departed Black Sea when the naval exercise with Ukraine finished. Photo: Aşkın Eyüpoğlu.

US Navy Arleigh Burke class destroyer USS Carney heading towards Marmara Sea. She took part in the naval exercise Sea Breeze in Ukraine.

Super Vita class fast attack craft, HS Anthypoploiarchos Ritsos passed through Turkish Straits after participating in Breeze 2017 naval exercise.


The list of the foreign warships passed through Istanbul Strait is here.

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