Mexican Navy Sail Ship ARM Cuauhtémoc

The Mexican Navy sail ship ARM Cuauhtémoc was in Istanbul in August for a port visit.

Now there is a nice video made during her by the musician Mr. Serdar Ateşer. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I do.

Mexican Navy Sail ship ARM Cuauhtémoc Left Istanbul

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The sail training ship of Mexican Navy ARM Cuauhtémoc ended her 4 day visit in Istanbul on 14 August 2015. She is currently underway to Malta.

The last time when, ARM Cuauhtémoc was in Istanbul was in 2011.

According to Wikipedia she is named named for the last Mexica Hueyi Tlatoani Cuauhtémoc who was captured and executed in 1525.

She is the last of four sister ships built by the Naval Shipyards of Bilbao, Spain, in 1982, all built to a design similar to the 1930 designs of the German firm Blohm & Voss, like Gorch Fock, USCGC Eagle and the NRP Sagres.

Like her sister ships, the Colombia’s Gloria, Ecuador’s Guayas and Venezuela’s Simón Bolívar, Cuauhtémoc is a sailing ambassador for her home country and a frequent visitor to world ports, having sailed over 400,000 nautical miles (700,000 km) in her 23 years of service.

Mexican Training Ship Cuauhtemoc in the Black Sea

Cuauhtemoc in Istanbul

This week Istanbul had a distinct visitor from Mexico: The training ship ARM Cuauhtemoc. She arrived in Istanbul on 23 July and stayed till 27 July.  Currently she is sailing in the Black Sea and next port of call is Odessa.

The ship was build in Spain in 1982 and has three sisters: Colombia’s Gloria, Ecuador’s Guayas and Venezuela’s Simón Bolívar.

I was not able to take photos of Cuauhtemoc when she was in Istanbul but I hope I can see her when she returns from Odessa.

Photo: from

ARM Cuauhtemoc in Odessa

ARM Cuauhtemoc in Odessa. Photo: Ukraine MoD.

The Mexican naval training ship ARM Cuauhtemoc is in Odessa, Ukraine for a port and good will visit.  After leaving Istanbul on 27 July 2011, she sailed to Odessa arriving there on 30 July.

The ship was welcomed, by the deputy commander of Western Naval Base, Captain 2nd Rank Aleksandr Dereschukom, Ambassador of Mexico to Ukraine, Ms. Berenis Rendón and other officials from the Mexican side .

The commander of ARM Cuauhtemoc, Captain 1st rank Marco Antonio Vila Vivaldi, said that this visit has a friendly character and is to deepen cooperation between two countries in military and cultural spheres.

The training ship is on an educational sailing trip called “Mediterranean – 2011” and has visited many countries.

The ship will leave Odessa on 4 August 2011.

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