>Don’t Rely On Reliant Mermaid

>I think nobody would be surprised to hear that this years Reliant Mermaid naval exercise is canceled. The naval search and rescue exercise was the only venue there Turkish and Israeli navies come together officially.

The annual exercise with the objective to practice coordinated emergency search and rescue procedures and measures for safety of life at sea was scheduled for August. It would have been the 11th.

Last year, after the heated exchange between Peres and Erdoğan in Davos, Switzerland, the fate of the exercise seemed to be doomed. But never the less it was conducted despite all odds.

But after the Mavi Marmara incident there was no way to salvage the exercise.

>Reliant Mermaid X


The joint naval exercise Reliant Mermaid will be held for the 10th time this year. The fate of this exercise seemed to be in jeopardy when political relation between Turkey and Israel, the main participants of this exercise were in low ebb. But since April it was clear that despite the political storm this exercise was going to be executed as planned.

Elements of Israeli, Turkish, United States Naval and Air Forces will participate in the exercise which will be conducted between 17-21 August 2009. Turkey is the host country of the event and the exercise will take place in the Turkish Search and Rescue area in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The objective of this exercise is to practice coordinated emergency search and rescue procedures and measures for safety of life at sea.

The exercise will be conducted by 8 ships, 4 helicopters and 3 search and rescue aircraft of all the three countries. The order of battle is not clear at this time.

According to news a Press Conference will be held on 18 August 2009 at Aksaz/Marmaris Naval Base. The live phase of the exercise will begin on 19 August 2009 and media presence will be made available.

>Always reliant: The Mermaid

>According to Jerusalem Post, Israeli and Turkish Navies will participate in a search-and-rescue exercise in the Mediterranean Sea in July.

This annual exercise, code named Reliant Mermaid, is organised since 1998. The objective of the exercise is to practice coordinated emergency SAR procedures and familiarize the participants with each other’s capabilities. Usually US Navy always participates in these exercise as well.

Some people were afraid that this years exercise might be cancelled because of the recently strained relations between the two countries of the Operation Cast Lead.

Politicians may exchange harsh words in heated debates but for the sailors it is business as usual.

Noble Dina 2012

Between 1998 and 2009  Turkish, US and Israeli navies conducted an annual naval exercise called Reliant Mermaid. This exercise is discontinued now in accordance with the deteriorating bilateral relations between Turkey and Israel in the last couple years.

Last year Greece has replaced Turkey and these there nations held to naval exercise Noble Dina 2011. While the Reliant Mermaid was marketed as a trilateral humanitarian search and rescue (SAR) exercise involving naval ships and aircraft of the participants according to Greek media the new military operation scenarios include exercises of repelling enemy attacks against offshore natural gas and oil rigs, anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare and prohibition of military aircraft operations.

And as an interesting coincidence this year exercise is aligned with the signing of  tripartite energy agreement between Greece, Israel and Cyprus.

Greece will join the exercise with combat jets, at least one frigate and one submarine.

>Bosphorus from the eyes of USN

>I usually stand on the shores of Bosphorus and take pictures of the passing or visiting Turkish or foreign warships. Most of time I wonder that it feels like to be on that particular ship. I wonder how her crew sees the outside. Generally I do not have a clue.

This is why I am positively surprised when I have read the official blog of the destroyer USS Stout. It is an official USN blog. Therefore what’s in it is has been filtered many times even before it was written. Never the less it gives you some valuable insight. This blog is also interesting for me as USS Stout is currently attached to the US 6th Fleet. There are stories in it about the ships recent deployment to the Black Sea and about her participation in Reliant Mermaid exercise.


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