>TCSG-307 and her sales drive

>On 26 January 2007, Turkish Coast Guard commissioned the fast response boat TCSG-307. The boat, locally know as MRTP-33 class, was designed and build by Turkish Yonca-Onuk shipyard. Although there are 7 similar boats in service, the TCSG-307 is unique. She is the only vessel that has STAMP remote controlled stabilized gun platform installed.

In April 2007, TCSG-307 was stationed in Hopa the most eastern harbor of Turkey on Black Sea coast. This town is approximately 15km away from Georgian border.

In May 2007 in accordance with Black Sea Littoral States Border/Coast Guard Agencies Forum Turkish Coast Guard visited Georgia. TCSG-307 the nearest boat to the Georgian border was selected for this visit. During the 4 day visit search and rescue exercises were conducted.

Commander of Gerogian Border Guard Lieutenant General David Gulua visited the vessel on 30 May and watched the exercise on board with The Commander of Turkish Coast Guard Admiral Can Erenoğlu. TCSG-307 was shown to the guest. And according to Turkish Coast Guard Magazine’s August 2007 issue, Lieutenant General David Gulua was very impressed with the STAMP Gun platform, used the systems remote control and tracked the targets by himself.

So far so good. For me the interesting part of the whole story is what happened afterwards. Apparently Georgian high ranking officials were very much impressed with the Turkish boat and gun platform so that they have ordered two similar boats with and upgraded gun platform after two months. The vessels were delivered to Georgia in 2008 and miraculously they survived the Russo- Georgian war in August 2008.

I believe that the whole story is a very good example of the soft power use of military and how it can help to the sales drive of the nation’s armed industry.


SG-301 SG-302 SG-303
SG-304 SG-305 SG-306
SG-307 SG-308 SG-309
SG-310 SG-311 SG-312






Displacement: 125 tons full load
Dimensions: 35.60 x 6.7 x1.40 metres
Speed, Range: 45 knots, 600 nm at 20 knots
Crew: 20

Guns: 1 x 20mm; 2 x 12.7mm MG.

Radars: Navigation

Enlarged version of Kaan 29 class, designed by the same shipyard.  The deliveries have started in 2004 and ended in May 20011. Further 7 will be delivered.

Remote-controlled stabilized machine gun platform STAMP, developed by Turkish defense contractor  Aselsan is installed on TCSG-307, TCSG-308 and TCSG-312

>TCSG-312 Upgraded With A STAMP


TCSG-312 with a new STAMP

Turkish Coast Guard craft TCSG-312 seems to have a brand new STAMP installed.

STAMP is a remote-controlled Stabilized Machine Gun Platform developed by Turkish defense contractor ASELSAN.

This fast response boat locally know as MRTP-33 class, was designed and build by Turkish Yonca-Onuk shipyard. Although there are 13 similar boats in service. Previously only one of them TCSG-307 had a STAMP installed.

When commissioned in October 2008, TCSG-312 was armed with a 20 mm manually aimed automatic gun like the rest of her class. Today’s photo show that she has received a STAMP with (probably) a 12,7mm machine gun installed. The MRTP class boats can make 75 knots on calm seas and up to 60 knots on 3 sea force. It is impossible for anybody to stand on board  leave alone operating a gun. The STAMP was developed out of this neeed.

STAMP on Georgian patrol boat Sokhumi

Though made by a Turkish company the introduction of STAMP and STOP (Stabilised Gun Platform) into armed forces has been initially slow.
STAMP was exported to Georgia on board of a MRTP-33.

Two STAMP’s are installed on board of Milgem Class  F-511 TCG Heybeliada and following ships as close-in weapon system.

Two STAMPS are installed on P-1200 class New Type Patrol Boats against asymmetrical threats.

>More Photos Of President Assad On Board TCSG-303


The website of the presidency of the Republic of Turkey published photos and a video of the ride of the two presidents on board TCSG-303.

According to the photos they seem to have enjoyed the ride very much.

In the video (the second from top) at  point 01:10 one unseen sailor announces the speed as “36 knots and increasing”. This is quite a speed to cruise in Bosphorus.

It is pity that TCSG-303 was not equipped with Stabilized Machine gun Platform (STAMP) like her sister TCSG-307. I believe the ride would be more impressive, if Turkish Coast Guard were able to show the performance of the STAMP too.

>Black Sea Partnership Exercise 2009 Part-2

>Some of the ships that anticipated in the Black Sea Partnership Exercise 2009 are visiting İstanbul. They have arrived on 2 May and will leave on 4 May.

Among the participants the following ships are in İstanbul:

  • F-244 TCG Barbaros, MEKO 200 TN2A class frigate, from Turkish Navy,
  • F-495 TCG Gediz, Perry class frigate, from Turkish Navy,
  • 260 Admiral Petre Barbuneanu, Tetal class corvette, from Romanian Navy,
  • 071 RFS Suzdalets, Grisha class frigate, from Russian Navy,
  • P-24 Sokhumi, MRTP 33 class, large patrol craft, from Georgian Navy.

Personally for me it is interesting to see that a Georgian and a Russian warship are in the same fleet at a time when relations between Russia, Georgia and NATO are at new low point.

The weather was fine so I was able to take some good photos of these ships

P-24 Sokhumi was build by Yonca-Onuk shipyard in Turkey and was exported to Georgia in 2008. Similar to MRTP 33 class, used by Turkish Coast Guard. This vessel has a ASELSAN STAMP, stabilized gun platform.

260 Admiral Petre Barbuneanu, Tetal class corvette, a unique Romanian design with a ASW emphasise.

071 RFS Suzdalets, Grisha class frigate, a dedicated ASW ship. She is showing her age.

F-244 TCG Barbaros, MEKO 200 TN2A class frigate. Her Mk29 SAM launcher will be replaced by Mk41 VLS in the near future. This will be the first major weapon system upgrade, performed on a MEKO warship. It will be a test for the modularity of the MEKO design.

F-495 TCG Gediz, Perry class frigate, she will receive MK41 VLS too.

This patrol vessel, SG-65 of Turkish Coast Guard was not a participant of the Black Sea Partnership Exercise. She was patrolling around the visiting ship and providing security.

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