Update On M/F Ankara Collision

The possible collision place and the router of M/F Ankara

The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced yesterday that the Turkish frigate F-244 TCG Barbaros was dispatched to the site of the collision to help searching for the survivors. She is expected to arrive at the scene in the early morning hours on 21st October 2011.

I am afraid that this might be too late as I do not think that there will be any survivors in the water alive after so many hours due to hypothermia. But I will be very happy if the events prove me wrong.

The collision between the M/F Ankara and M/V Reina 1 happened at 20th October 2011 around 02:00, about 22 miles off the coast of Durrës, Albania.

The Turkish owned and Maltese flagged cargo ship M/V Reina 1 was heading to north to Montenegro with a cargo of 3100 tons. The ferry M/F Ankara was on her scheduled cruise between Durrës and Bari with 189 passengers and 46 crew. While the ferry suffered some damage there are no casualties among her crew and passengers.

According to the testimony of the captain and second Capitan of M/V Reina 1 the ship received a heavy damage and sunk after a couple of minutes after the collision. Most of her crew of 10 were sleeping at that time. The Capitan of Reina 1 said that they did not have time to put their life jackets on.  The whole crew of M/V Reina 1 with the exception of two captains is missing at the moment.

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M/F Ankara Collides With M/V Reina 1 In Adriatic Sea

M/F Ankara

The Turkish flagged motor ferry Ankara collided with a Turkish owned and Maltese flagged merchant ship M/V Reina 1 last night off the coast of Albania. The M/V Reina 1 was heavily damaged and sunk as the result of the collision.

M/F Ankara was used extensively during the evacuation of Turkish citizens from the Libya as this country submerged into a civil war in spring 2011. After returning to Turkey the ship was briefly overhauled and since then she was transporting vehicles and passengers between Bari, Italy and Durrës Albania.

The collision happened 20 miles off Durrës. While M/F Ankara was sailing toward Italy, the merchant ship M/V Reina 1 was heading north to Montenegro with 3000 tons of grain in her holds.

According to news reports the hull of M/V Reina 1 was damaged while the ferry sustain no major damage. The merchantmen sunk shortly after the collision. She had a crew of ten on board. 3 of them died and 5 are missing.

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M/F Ankara Returned To Turkey

The position of M/F Ankara on 26 April 2011 @08:20 local time

The missing Turkish ferry M/F Ankara returned to Çeşme, İzmir. The ship of course was never missing officialy but she was not seen or reported for the last couple of days.

M/F Ankara is a civilian ferry. She was used in the evacuation of civilians from Libya in March with her sisters M/F Samsun and TCG İskenderun.

In early April she was used as a make shift hospital ship to evacuate ca. 300 wounded Libyans from Misrata and Benghazi.  Later she returned to Benghazi to evacuate 1025 Egyptian from the town.

She was later seen of AIS, heading back to Libya. Then she was off the coverage of AIS system only to emerge today. Apparently there was no use for her in Libya or she will pick up some supplies to be delivered to Libya.

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M/F Ankara Returning To Turkey

M/F Ankara In Misurata

M/F Ankara Could Not Dock In Misurata

M/F Ankara Is Heading Back To Misurata

M/F Ankara

The Turkish ferry M/F Ankara has left Alexandria, Egypt and is heading to Misurata. With her current speed she will arrive in the Libyan town in 26 hours.

On 12 April she has left Benghazi with 1025 Egyptian evacuees on board. She was in Alexandria since 14 April 2011.

Disaster and Emergency Management Agency and Turkish Red Crescent are sending 818 tons of humanitarian aid to Libya, including food, drinking water, hygienic supplies,  100 generators, 2 ambulances, 15 mobile satellite telephone sets, on board of Turkish flagged cargo ship M/V Kaptan Selim.

M/V Ankara on her way to Misurata

About previous trips of M/F Ankara to and from Libya:

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M/F Ankara In Libya

M/F Ankara

The ferry M/V Ankara arrived in Benghazi on 11 April 2011. She took 45 Libyans, treated in hospitals in Turkey back home. According to the announcement from the Office of Prime Minister the ship will remain in the region as she will evacuate Egyptians from Libya.

Today the ferry left Benghazi with 1025 Egyptians and is heading to Alexandria. She is expected to arrive there on 14 April 2011.

M/F Ankara Is Heading To Benghazi Again

According to AIS transponder data the ferry M/V Ankara has left Çeşme port for a trip to Benghazi, shortly after midnight on 9 April 2011.

The ferry was converted to a  makeshift hospital ship and evacuated 250 wounded Libyans from Misurata and Bengazi last week.

This will her second trip to Libya as a hospital ship. She was involved in the evacuation of Turkish citizens from Libya in February with her sister ships TCG Iskenderun and M/V Samsun. While M/V Samsun stayed in the regions and evacuated Egyptians from Libya, M/V Ankara returned to Turkey to be converted to a temporary hospital ship.

The timing of this trip is interesting. This week the Turkish consulate in Bengazi was attacked by Libyans protesters and a Turkish aid ship was denied into entering the harbor. The reason for this outrage of Libyan rebels is the statement of Turkish prime minister Erdoğan,  who said last week that NATO’s mission was not to arm the rebels, but protect them.

How M/F Ankara Was Protected During Her Stay In Libya


Official Turkish General Staff Graphic

Turkish General Staff  made a detailed announcement about protection provided by Turkish Armed Forces to the Ferry M/F Ankara during her humanitarian trip to Libya.


On sea MEKO 200 class frigate F-243 TCG Yıldırım escorted the ferry M/F Ankara. TCG Yıldırım is one of the four frigates Turkey has assigned to NATO’s Operation Unified Protector.

For the period that  M/F Ankara was docked in Misurata, air cover was provided by 12 F-16 fighter planes from bases Bandırma and Dalaman. These planes flew a distance of 1330 km (730 NM) in round-trip. 4 KC-135R tanker planes supported the operation by providing fuel for the fighter planes.

There was no immediate air cover when M/F Akara was evacuating wounded  Libyans in Benghazi as there is no on going fighting around this city. But 2 F-16 fighter planes were on 15 min. alert in Dalaman .

For more photos and for the full text of the announcement click here.

M/F Ankara Returning To Turkey

M/F Ankara

M/F Ankara made the news yesterday in Libya and around the world.

The ferry sailed from Çeşme, İzmir on 27 March 2010. For the last five days she was waiting 25 miles off the coast of the Libyan city Misurata. The fighting in and around the city prevented M/F Ankara to dock at the harbor.

On 2. April she was able to dock in Misurata. After disembarking her cargo of 2 tons of medical supplies, she  picked up  250 wounded Libyans. After leaving Misurata in the evening of 2. April M/F Ankara arrived in Benghazi, yesterday.

In Benghazi 60 more wounded Libyans are taken on board along with 40 more evacuees of different nationalities. M/F Ankara is expected to arrive in Çeşme, İzmir in two days time..

While the ferry was waiting off Libyan coast she was protected by 12 F-16 fighter planes and by Turkish warships. There are reports that M/F Ankara arrived in Misurata with two unnamed Turkish frigates escorting her. But in the official announcement of Turkish Foreign Ministry only F-243 TCG Yıldırım is mentioned as escort.

F-243 TCG Yıldırım

The humanitarian mission of M/F Ankara to Libya was received a wide media coverage.

Libya: Turkish ship rescues injured from Misrata

Turkish ship rescues hundreds from Misurata

Turkish ship evacuates wounded from Libya city

Ship rescues dozens wounded by Gadhafi troops

Turkish hospital ship rescues Libyan wounded

Ship ferries Libyan wounded from besieged Misurata

M/F Ankara In Misurata

M/F Ankara

The Turkish civilian ferry M/F Ankara finally docked at Misurata port tonight according to Turkish Foreign Ministry tweets.

The ferry sailed from Çeşme, İzmir on 27 March 2010. For the last five days she was waiting off the Libyan city Misurata. The fighting in and around the city prevented M/F Ankara to dock at the harbor.

M/F Ankara is loaded with 2 tons of medical supplies and 3 ambulances. On board are 15 healthcare professionals and a security detail of 10. In Misurata she will disembark her cargo and will pick up 100 – 200 wounded Libyans for further treatment in Turkey.

F-243 TCG Yıldırım

The ferry will proceed to Benghazi after picking up the wounded Libyans in Misurata. The Meko 200 class frigate  F-243 TCG Yıldırım is escorting and protecting the ferry.

In Çeşme a small field hospital is erected by Ministry of Health. Numerous ambulances are waiting to carry the severely wounded patients to the hospitals when the ship arrives in Turkey.

Here is a video of M/F Ankara in Misurata:

M/F Ankara Could Not Dock In Misurata

M/F Ankara

M/F Ankara is 25 miles off shore of Libyan city Misurata according to news reports.

The civilian ferry left Çeşme, İzmir with 2 tons of medical supplies,  3 ambulances.  On board are 15 healthcare professionals and a security detail of 10 too.

M/F Ankara was supposed to dock in Misurata to disembark her cargo and to pick up 200 wounded Libyans and deliver them to Turkey for treatment.  But the recent fighting in the city and the naval action just off the port prevented M/F Ankara from docking. The ship was 6,5 miles off the port, when she was pulled back by NATO warships as it was to dangerous to near the city where the clashes continue.

On 28 March 2010, one US Navy P-3C Maritime Patrol aircraft, one USAF A-10 attack aircraft and destroyer DDG-52 USS Barry engaged Libyan Coast Guard vessel Vittoria and two smaller crafts after confirmed reports that Vittoria and accompanying craft were firing indiscriminately at merchant vessels in the port of Misrata, Libya.

M/F Ankara will stay in region until the clashes in the city are over and it is safe to dock or the wounded Libyans will be transferred to M/F Ankara in high sea.

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