TCG Gelibolu Meets Japanese Training Fleet

TCG Gelibolu, in formation with 151 JS Asagiri, 3518 JS Setoyuki and 3508 JS Kashima. Photo: Turkish Naval Forces.

Turkish Gabya class frigate TCG Gelibolu made a passing exercise in Eastern Mediterranean with the Japanese Training Fleet.

According to the official statement various maneuvers, training and drills were performed, personnel was exchanged between the ships. It is said the exercise has contributed to the development of interoperability and cooperation between Turkey and the Japanese Navy.

Two PLAN Ships Passed Through The Bosphorus

I love how it feels when the things turn out more or less as the way you have planned. Since I first heard yesterday, that two PLAN warships passed through the Dardanelles and are heading for the Black Sea I was thinking in my head How I could intercept them at a suitable point in Istanbul with a good light. As the photos below will testify I was able to realize my plans.

Japanese and South Korean warship do regularly visit Istanbul, but we do not see many Chinese warships in the part of the world. This is the first time I am seeing any Chine warships in my long career of ship spotting and photographing.

And there are three of them. These two are in the Black Sea and according to the news there is a third one some where in the Eastern Med.

I would appreciate it if someone could tell me A) where these two are heading and B) the name of the third one in the Med.

The Ludu (Type 052A) class destroyer 113 Qingdao of PLAN passing through Bosphorus

The Jingkai II (Type 054A) class frigate 538 Yantai of PLAN with Topkapı Palace and Hagia Sophia in the background. 

Click here and here for the activities of the PLAN ships in the Black Sea.

>Port Visits

>Mersin port was busy last week. First there were visitors from Japan. Three Japanese was ships visited the city commemorate the sinking of the Ottoman frigate Ertugrul, in Kushimoto, Japan, 1890.

TV 3508 JDS Kashima, TV-3515 JDS Yamagiri and DD-125 JDS Sawayuki stayed in town from 1st till 4th September.

After the Japanese warships left, two Bangladeshi warships arrived in Mersin. F-18 BNS Osman and P-911 BNS Madhumati are taking part in UNIFIL and are making a courtesy visit in Mersin till 7th September.

>Japanese Squadron in Istanbul

>Yesterday a small squadron of 3 Japanese warships have arrived in Istanbul.

Japanese warships especially training ships, do visit Istanbul almost in every other year usually as a stop of their training cruise.

This visit was no exception. Two of the visiting ships, TV-3513 JDS Shimayuki and TV-3508JDS Kashima are training ships. Kashima is a pure bread where as Shimayuki started her career as a destroyer. She was converted in 1999.

The last ship, DD-153 JDS Yuugiri is a Asagiri class destroyer.It is always nice to see ships coming to town from different and far places.

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