Foreign Warship On Bosphorus in 2018 (Part 1)

Here are photos of foreign warships, that have passed through Bosphorus, during last two weeks:

Russian Ropucha class large landing ship Alexander Otrakovsky returned from her Syrian deployment just in time to bring the boys back for Christmas. Photo: Yörük Işık.

The Arleigh Burke-class destroyer of USN, USS Carney made her first northbound passage through Turkish Straits. Turkish patrol boat TCG Tuzla escorted her as the US Navy destroyer was passing through Istanbul. Photo: Serhat Güvenç

Russian buoy tender KIL-158 returned from her Syrian deployment. While she was transiting through Çanakkale Strait an ill sailor had to be evacuated. Photo: Yörük Işık.

Russian auxiliary cargo ship Kyzyl-60 made her northbound passage. Photo: Yörük Işık.

The Alligator class large landing ship Orsk made her first passage through Turkish Straits in a long time. In fact, this might be her first passage in 21. century.

USS Carney returned from her Black Sea deployment after 9 days. Photo: Yörük Işık

The list of the foreign warships passed through Istanbul Strait is here.

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