Turkish Navy Is Taking Part In Deniz Kurdu 2017

On 13 May 2017 Turkish warships set sail to participate in annual Deniz Kurdu exercise.

The exercise is held in Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean Sea and will continue till 26 May 2017.

The purpose of the exercise is:

  • to test the efficiency level of the current command control structure under realistic conditions
  • to determine the functionality of the support provided to the other forces
  • to evaluate the to what extent the units of Turkish Naval Command can fulfill their duties and responsibilities  during the transition from a crisis environment to a conventional warfare environment.

14 frigates, 6 corvettes, 17 fast attack craft, 9 submarines, 6 mine hunters, 13 logistic support ships, 4 patrol boats, 4 MPA/ASW planes, 19 helicopters are taking part in this exercise. 9 boats and 1 SAR vessel from Turkish Coast Guard and numerous planes from Turkish Air Force is also taking part in this exercise.

The table below shows, the percentage of the participating Turkish Naval units, compared to the total ships in service.

In service Participating to DK 2017 %
Frigates 16 14 88%
Submarines 12 9 75%
Corvettes 8 6 75%
Fast Attack Craft 19 17 89%
Mine hunters 11 6 55%
Patrol boats 16 4 25%
Logistic support ships 5 13 260%
Planes 8 4 50%
Helicopters 35 19 54%

As one can see the majority of Turkish Naval units are taking part in Deniz Kurdu 2017.

The numbers for logistics supports ships does not make any sense. Turkish Navy has 5 replenishment ships that can be counted as logistics support ship. I have no idea how number for logistic ships was calculated as 13. As more news and photos start to be published we may learn more.

But other numbers are impressive and show that the majority of Turkish warships are, now at sea and honing their skills.


4 Responses to Turkish Navy Is Taking Part In Deniz Kurdu 2017

  1. ulises says:

    another chapter of turkish navy show to the world a new ship.

  2. Usman. says:

    Perhaps they’ve requisitioned some civilian ships to simulate a crisis where they may need to have more support vessels than they presently have?

  3. Etma Bolma says:

    Anyway the % 260 is strange…Moreover TCG GOKJEADA is in Atlantic/West Med so only 1 frigate in maintenance which makes it pretty good. Could you also share a figure about manpower strength of Navy, including the flag officers, COs and XOs…

  4. Hakca.... says:

    Once again, for the greeks who can not understand what they read:
    Αναφορά Δημιουργού – Μη Εμπορική Χρήση
    Another well known greek web site (I won’t link it to prevent free advertisement, but it starts with e-a…. ) stole your table and your and your visitors’ comments yet did not cite your page. It was not a surpise that they were not shamed to add their typical propaganda on top of your report ….
    How typical, and how low……

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