TCG Bayraktar Commissioned

A two months old photo of the ship taken during trials. The lack of the CIWS are noteworthy. The orange thing on board is a floating target used for the gun trials.

According to a tweet from Minister of National Defence the first ship of Bayraktar class landing ships L-402 TCG Bayraktar was commissioned in Turkish Navy on 14 April 2017.

Since the ship will be under the shipyard’s warranty for 12 months, this is regarded as a temporary commissioning. A permanent commissioning is when Turkish Navy fully becomes responsible form the ship.

The original weapon load of the ship was two 40 mm guns, two Mk-15 Phalanx CIWS and two 12,7 mm machine guns on stabilized platforms.

When I saw the ship two months ago, the Mk-15 Phalanx CIWS systems were not fitted. The Mk-15’s are also missing in the current photos of the ship. It is highly possible that Turkish Navy will install the close-in weapon system itself since there should be around 10 in inventory. These weapons have been taken from old Knox class  frigates as they were decommissioned.

I wish TCG Bayraktar fair winds and following seas.

One Response to TCG Bayraktar Commissioned

  1. Corsair255 says:

    She’s been handed over to Turkish Navy but, the commissioning pennant has not been delivered to CO yet. Therefore She’s still not “TCG” according to Navy’s traditions. Possibly there’ll be a ceremony for that in the following days.
    Coming to Phalanx issue; Phalanx Block 1B BL2 (2 sets Fwd. and aft) will be installed. Since they are in GFE status, the shipyard is only responsible for the installation and integration of the systems into the CMS and that needs some ECP because, originally it was planned for Block 0. The systems have been delivered to the shipyard a little bit late regarding the time scheduling of the construction, no responsibility for the shipyard,, they’re placed in the main contractor’s warehouses and waiting for the installation, hopefully until June-July 2017.

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