TCG Yüzbaşı Güngör Durmuş Launched

Digital rendering of the new logistics support vessel. Photo: Selah Shipyard.

The first ship, of the two new logistics supports ships, constructed for Turkish Navy, A-574 TCG Yüzbaşı Güngör Durmuş was launched on 8th October 2016.

Selah Shipyard has won the tender in 2014. The construction of the first ship has started in 2015.

The ships will carry 4000 tons of fuel for warships, 500 tons of fuel for helicopters and 330 tons of fresh water. They will have a medical facility, capable of performing surgeries. These ships will not have a helicopter hangar, but will have a large landing pad, suitable for heavy army helicopters.

Yüzbaşı Güngör Durmuş was an officer of naval special forces. He died by accident during an exercise in July 1998.


5 Responses to TCG Yüzbaşı Güngör Durmuş Launched

  1. usman ansari says:

    So this one’s not designed by STM then? It’s different from the STM designed one recently built in Pakistan.

    • These two logistics support ships are not designed by STM. SSM has not chosen a shipyard for that project yet. I wonder how similar or different the Turkish and Pakistani tankers will be.

      • Usman Ansari says:

        Over the years I’ve seen some of the material they had related to the Turkish replenishment vessel programme, and the designs were similar but larger compared to the Pakistani one. I may get a chance to talk to STM next month. I’ll ask them and see what they say.

      • I look forward to learn what STM has told you.

  2. ULISES VELEZ says:


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