Coast Guard Boat Collided With A Merchant Ship And Capsized


TCSG-25 in her better days

Yesterday morning, during the morning rush hour, the Turkish Coast Guard vessel TCSG-25 collided with the Cook Island flag and Turkish owned bulk carrier M/V Tolunay on Bosphorus. The accident happened near the southern entrance of Bosphorus. The coast guard boat capsized after the collision. Both civilian and military rescue ships and other vessels were rushed to the scene. Unfortunately 3 members of crew Rıza Yücel, Yavuz Gökhan Şahin and Sinan Göktaş died while the remaining 3 were rescued.

The boat was tasked to escort the Russian Natya class mine hunter Valentin Pikul which was returning from her Syrian deployment.

If you wonder -like me- how a slow and large bulk carrier could collide with a very fast and agile boat the video below gives us some clue. For a reason, not clear, to me the coast guard boats stays motionless in front of the bulker. At this point it was not possible for the merchant ship to see the boat or to stop.

After the collision the merchant ship sailed till the northern entrance of Bosphorus to Büyükdere Bay. That Bay is the first place along the Bosphorus where a safe anchorage without disturbing the transit traffic is possible. Conveniently the headquarters of Istanbul Coast Guard Command is also located there.

7 Responses to Coast Guard Boat Collided With A Merchant Ship And Capsized

  1. harry dardanel says:

    Very sad chain of events ! My heart goes out to the families of deceased crew members.

  2. ulises says:


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  4. Jim Slough says:

    Sorry for the loss of the Coastguardsmen and condolences to their families. They do a fine job and this accident reminds everyone that the sea is never to be taken for granted and tomorrow is never guaranteed to any Mariner. Not a good job for the bow watch on the Tolunay, in my opinion. High traffic area and I’m betting the engine quit on TCSG-25 at the wrong time, and Tolunay wasn’t paying attention.

  5. Kevin Brent says:

    Very sad. I have to think like Jim, that the engine quit on them.

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