The “Missing Turkish Warships” Farce – An Epilog

F-240 TCG Yavuz,

F-240 TCG Yavuz

15 days ago, Turkey lived its longest night. There were many stories, rumors and allegations in the air before the dust settled  down and we could gain a better inside to the things that happened.

One of the rumors was that 14 warships of Turkish Navy were missing after the failed coup attempt and they may be seeking refuge in other countries.  This story was initiated in British Press (here, here and here) and spread like a wild-fire. I have expressed my thoughts before. Now I am trying to find a closure to that story.

In the last 15 days there has been no follow-up stories. No additional information such as the names and types of the ships has surfaced either.

While it is most difficult to prove something has not happened. When you have eliminate all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth as Sherlock Holmes says. Thus I am trying to eliminate all which is impossible:

  • It is impossible to hide 14 warships in the confined waters of the Aegean, the Black Sea and Mediterranean. These ships would have been observed either from the land based observations stations from hundreds of civilian and many military warships cruising in these seas.
  • It is impossible for foreign press to be silence about a Turkish warship entering their port and asking for refuge.
  • It is impossible for these 14 ships to stay on open seas without replenishing their fuel, water and other provisions. Depending their type they must be running low on fuel, water and food.
  • It is impossible for a government or a naval force to remain silent about such a big and important story. If 14 ships were really missing, someone either from Turkey or abroad would have talked about it by now.

Turkish General Staff published the numbers of discharged soldiers and number of the vehicles used during the coup attempt. According to this official declaration only 3 ships were used.

The involvement of the commander and the executive commander of TCG Yavuz was known since 15th July, as they have detained the Commander of The Fleet, Admiral Kösele on board during that night.

It was published that Type 80 class Coast Guard boat, TCSG-96 has left its port during the night of 15th July, without an order. The boat later returned to its port without any incidents.

It is not clear, from Turkish General Staff’s publication, whether they consider TCSG-96 among the above mentioned 3 ships. If not, then there were 3 Turkish Navy warships and one Coast Guard went rogue on that night

If so -which would be wrong, since a coast guard boat is not a warship- then there is one unidentified ship left that took part in the coup attempt.

5 Responses to The “Missing Turkish Warships” Farce – An Epilog

  1. ULISES VELEZ says:


  2. manolis says:

    Nice to joke with Greece bad economics, yes? But much nicer to joke about turkish military coups. Real steady rythm, about one per decade. Turkish economy collapse is by the corner. Erase my comment you smf, but truth remains.

    • There is no truth in your comment, it is pure wishful thinking…In spite of the current problems Turkish economic situation remains stable because unlike the Greek economy it is not dependent on European handouts…

      • manolis says:

        Parly Right. Turkish economy is dependent on Islamic/Arabic handouts. Are you sure this is better? It is also dependent a lot on local products exports to western countries , the ones now accused of having been “friendly to the attempted coup”. I am not saying that turkish economy did not go well up to now, actually far better than greek. My comment responded to blog owner’s previous sarcastic comments concerning necessary funding cuts to Hellenic Armed Forces.

  3. Kevin Brent says:

    Absolutely correct when you point out that 14 warships could not possibly hide in any of the seas adjacent to Turkey. Even one warship would find it nearly impossible to do so this day and age.

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