Foreign Warship On Bosphorus in 2016 (Part 20)


Landing ship Yamal making her 4 deployment in 2016. Her last passage through Turkish Straits was in February. Photo: Kerim Bozkurt.


Landing ship Minsk returned from her 8. Syrian deployment in 2016. Photo: Serhat Güvenç.


Russian Alligator class landing ship Saratov passed through Istanbul.


Dvinitsa-50 going to Syria. She appears to be lightly loaded. Photo: Yörük Işık


Russian tanker Iman making a southbound passage through Bosphorus. Photo: Yörük Işık.


Romanian Coast Guard vessel Stefan Cel Mare passed through Istanbul . She is most probably going for a Frontex Operation somewhere in Mediterranean or Aegean.

The list of the foreign warships passed through Istanbul Strait is here.

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