Akya Heavyweight Turkish Torpedo


What you see above may be the first published photo of the Turkish heavyweight torpedo Akya. I have found it in an online publication of Turkish Navy.

I believe the photo was at the first test firing of torpedo on 11 July 2013. The test firing was done from a surface platform where a 533mm torpedo tube was installed. The photo appears to be taken before loading the Akya into the torpedo tube.

The torpedo has an elliptic cone nose similar to contemporary German torpedoes. It is difficult to see if ther eis one set of propeller or two counter turning propellers. But at least for the test device there is no housing around the propellers.

The development an indigenous heavyweight torpdeo is going on for 5 years. In 2010 a contract was signed between Turkish Naval Research Center Command (ARMERKOM), Tübitak, Roketsan and Undersecretariat for Defense Industries for developing and prototyping of a heavy weight torpedo. The value of the contract was 24 million euros.

ARMERKOM has the lead in designing the 533mm torpedo named Akya, after a local fish. Tübitak is developing the sonar where as Roketsan is working on the warhead and guidance.

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  1. Murat says:


    It is a German Seehecht torpedo.

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