Russian Submarine Novorossiysk Passed Through Bosphorus


Novorossiysk passing by the Hagia Sophia as she enteres the Bosphorus.


Novorossiysk on Istanbul Strait.


A close-up to her sail.


A bow view of Novorossiysk. On her left is the TCSG-10 from Turkish Coast Guard. Photo: Yörük Işık. Used with permission.


A bow view of Novorossiysk. TCG Tekirdağ can be clearly seen following the submarine. Photo: Kerim Bozkurt. Used with permission.


The salvage and mooring ship Sayany seen during her northbound passage.

The Kilo class submarine Novorossiysk and her escort the salvage ship Sayany passed through Istanbul yesterday.

Novorossiysk is a newly build submarine and is the first of the 6 submarines Russia wants to deploy to the Black Sea Fleet. Currently only one Kilo class submarine Alrosa is operational in the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

Although her design is dated Novorossiysk was laid down in 2010 and launched in 2013. She was commissioned in Russian Navy in August 2014.

Alrosa returned to the Black Sea on 19 September 2011 after a lengthy overhaul. She was damaged by a fire in her engine department.

Novorossiysk had a considerable entourage when she passed through the Bosphorus. TCSG-10, a small Turkish Coast Guard vessel provided her close security while Tuzla class ASW patrol boat TCG Tekirdağ, trailed her. The last ship of the entourage was the Russian salvage and mooring ship Sayany. She belongs to the Russian Pacific Fleet but escorted Novorossiysk on her maiden deployment from Malta.


7 Responses to Russian Submarine Novorossiysk Passed Through Bosphorus

  1. Dave Shirlaw says:

    Be a trail of sonobuoys following it….

  2. j says:

    Why does it have a white flag?

    • It looks like a white flag, but it’s not. There is a blue cross on the flag. It’s standard Russian naval ensign but very very faded.

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  4. Spartak says:

    Hardly dated. It’s a Project 636.1 Sub (Improved Kilo)

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