TCG Burgazada Coming Along Nicely

Burgazada19072015 (2)

The construction of the third Ada type corvette is proceeding. Here without her bow on 17 July 2015.

Burgazada07082015 (2)

In less time a months time the bow was finished. Here on 7 August 2015.

The construction of the third Ada class (Milgem) corvette Burgazada is proceeding. The fabrication of her hull is almost finished with the pre-fabrication of her superstructure proceeding.

The two photos above are taken from a commercial airplane 3 weeks apart. The proceeding of the construction is visible. It appears that the ship will be ready to launch for the next year.


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  1. Harry Dardanel says:

    Northbound USS Donald S. Cook DDG 75 clearing Akbas @ 11:00 hrs 08/28/2015

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