The Flying Frenchman



This was brought to my attention by my fellow ship spotter Mr. Alper Böler. He was looking for the ships taking part in Sea Shield exercise off the coast of Romania he noticed that the French F-70 class destroyer D-643 FS Jean de Vienne was sending her AIS signals from the Black Sea.

This was odd as her passage through the Turkish Straits was totally unobserved which is not impossible but highly improbable.
The ship tracking site Marine Traffic noted her last position to be in the Black Sea 43,24472° N and 30,26093° E.on 21 July 2015. But when looked to her older position recording one day ago she was in Tyrrhenian Sea at 41,41823°N and 9,4666° on 20 July 2015.



The distance between these two coordinates is about 1300 nautical miles depending on the course taken. If she really made that trip in the given time frame she must have sailed at least with a speed of 54 knots. This is almost the double of her indicated top speed of 30 knots.

So here we have either a real flying Frenchman (her high-speed must have made her observance from the shores impossible as she passed through the Turkish Straits) or the AIS transponder is not correctly configured. Her real whereabouts is still a mystery to me.


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  1. yorukisik says:

    Apparently, we are late into the game of ‘Mysterious Appearances by Jean De Vienne’. On May 17, Marine Traffic showed location as ‘moored in Libyan port of Tobruq’, followed by Caspian Sea (Yes yes: C a s p i a n) spotting. We can safely state that this French ‘frégate’ did not travel to Caspian, will never travel to Caspian.

  2. перец says:

    Этот MMSI использовал один из кораблей НАТО, скорее всего F 334

    • Possibly but at one time there was 3 signals from F334, F803 and D643. Thus I think it was another 3rd ship that was sending these signals.

      • перец says:

        Вы правы, это я ошибся. Корабль использовавший MMSI 999999998 зашёл утром в Mangalia. Одновременно с ним данный MMSI использовали гражданское судно “CHUO NO.1”, находящийся в Surabaya, Indonesia and “HARBOR SERV. CENTER” находящийся в Taichung Harbor, Taiwan

        В настоящее время в Ионическом море в восточном направлении следует 5 кораблей SNMG2, которые используют следующие MMSI – 211000000 – FGS Hamburg (F220), 111111112, 111111113, 111111122, 123456789. Планировали заход в Aksaz. Нет ли у Вас данных о их заходе в Чёрное море (Karadeniz)?

        PS. Спасибо Вам за Ваш сайт. Respect!!!

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