Friendship Bridge 2015 Naval Exercise

Egyptian supply ship A-230 Shalatein in Istanbul.

Egyptian supply ship A-230 Shalatein in Istanbul in March 2013.

Last week the Russia and Egypt conducted their first joint naval exercise named Friendship Bridge 2015.

The 8 day long drills started when all participant arrived in port of Alexandria on 6  June 2015. As part of the exercises, Russian and Egyptian warships, working with air support, are expected to protect shipping lanes from various threats and conduct live fire tactical training.

This is the second naval drill involving Russian warships in Mediterranean. The previous one was with PLAN.

The list of the ships taking part in Friendship Bridge 2015 is below:

Number Name Type Nationality
230 Shaladein Tanker Egypt
604 18. June Fast Attack Craft Egypt
605 25. April Fast Attack Craft Egypt
916 Taba Frigate Egypt
961 Damiyat Frigate Egypt
110 Alexander Shabalin Landing ship Russia
121 Moskva Cruiser Russia
616 Samum Corvette Russia
MB-31 MB-31 Tug Russia
Ivan Bubnov Tanker Russia

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