Joint Warrior 2015 (Updated)


F-497 TCG Gökova currently taking part in Exercise Joint Warrior 2015.


F496 TCG Göksu currently taking part in Exercise Joint Warrior 2015.


M269 TCG Anamur currently taking part in Exercise Joint Warrior 2015.


According to media sources there are 55 warships taking part in Joint Warrior 2015. I was able to identify 53 of them.

Thanks to Sjoforsvaret for reminding me about HNOMS Thor Heyerdahl.

Any corrections and additions are always welcome.

Number Name Type Nationality
M921 BNS Lobelia Mine hunter Belgium
F930 BNS Leopold I Frigate Belgium
337 HMCS Frederıcton Frigate Canada
L16 HDMS Absalon Frigate Denmark
F363 HDMS Niels Juel Frigate Denmark
F362 HDMS Peter Willemoes Frigate Denmark
F357 HDMS Thetis Frigate Denmark
M642 FS Cassiopee Mine hunter France
D 644 FS Primauguet Destroyer France
M1093 FGS Auerbach Mine hunter Germany
M1063 FGS Bad Bevensen Mine hunter Germany
A516 FGS Donau Auxiliary Germany
P6126 FGS Frettchen Fast Attack Craft Germany
P6123 FGS Hermerlin Fast Attack Craft Germany
F261 FGS Madgeburg Corvette Germany
P6122 FGS Puma Fast Attack Craft Germany
A1442 FGS Spessart Auxiliary Germany
A514 FGS Werra Auxiliary Germany
P6125 FGS Zobel Fast Attack Craft Germany
F575 ITS Euro Frigate Italy
P843 HNLMS Groningen Patrol Netherlands
M857 HNLMS Makkum Mine hunter Netherlands
F831 HNLMS Van Amstel Frigate Netherlands
M864 HNLMS Willemstad Mine hunter Netherlands
S802 HNLMS Walrus Submarine Netherlands
M352 HNOMS Rauma Mine hunter Norway
P963 HNOMS Skudd Corvette Norway
A535 HNOMS Valkyrien Auxiliary Norway
P960 HNOMS Skudd Corvette Norway
S303 HNOMS Utvaer Submarine Norway
F314 HNOMS Thor Heyerdahl Frigate Norway
623 OPR Mewa Mine hunter Poland
F331 NRP Álvares Cabral Frigate Portugal
F104 Méndez Núñez Frigate Spain
M269 TCG Anamur Mine hunter Turkey
S359 TCG Burakreis Submarine Turkey
F497 TCG Göksu Frigate Turkey
F496 TCG Gökova Frigate Turkey
M33 HMS Brocklesby Mine hunter UK
M108 HMS Grimsby Mine hunter UK
P283 HMS Mersey Mine hunter UK
L12 HMS Ocean Landing ship UK
M107 HMS Pembroke Mine hunter UK
A135 RFA Argus Landing ship UK
L3007 RFA Lyme Bay Landing ship UK
S120 HMS Ambush Submarine UK
F82 HMS Somerset Frigate UK
13 USNS Medgar Evers Auxiliary USA
68 USS Anzio Cruiser USA
75 USS Donald Cook Destroyer USA
78 USS Porter Destroyer USA
69 USS Vicksburg Cruiser USA

2 Responses to Joint Warrior 2015 (Updated)

  1. Nils K Haugen says:

    You have HNOMS Skudd twice on the list. P960 is HNOMS Skjold

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