A Submarine Sighted


On 7 March 2015, a Turkish Navy, Atılay class submarine was sighted passing through Bosphorus.

Since Turkish Navy stopped painting the pennant number of the submarines on their hulls, it is impossible to identify each individual submarine anymore. While this new painting scheme helps the submarines to blend and prevents IR/FLIR/LLTV using trackers or electro-optic directors any high contrast target, it makes ship spotting difficult.

Last month when USS Cole was in the Black Sea it was reported that she had participated in an underway engagement with Turkish frigate F-243 TCG Yıldırım and submarine S-350 TCG Yıldıray on 21 February 2015.

Since this is the first Atılay class submarine returning from the Black Sea and the only one recently reported to be deployed in the region, I think it is safe to say that this submarine is S-350 TCG Yıldıray.

One Response to A Submarine Sighted

  1. valideme says:

    A sub with Turkish flag was seen entering BS and headed north at 3pm on March 2nd.
    Another unknown sub was spotted moving quickly up the strait at night on the 4th or 5th, moving quickly at 10pmish.
    At 9pm on March 3rd, at least two larger Navy vessels (one likely Vicksburg), entered at night.
    The following day on the 4th, three vessels were seen entering BS to the north: Canadian, Turkish, and Italian.
    Yesterday mid-day there were 6 Turkish patrol boats inline seen entering BS headed N.
    Within last hour two Russian warships exited BS headed south, second was numbered 110.

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