A New Missile For Turkish Naval Helicopters


This is a photo of a Turkish S-72B Sea Hawk helicopter firing a missile. There are many things, one can say about this photo.

The special 100th Anniversary Logo of the Turkish Naval Aviation is painted on the side of the fuselage dates the photo to 2014.

The usual missile armament of Turkish Navy helicopter are Penguin Mk2 and AGM-114K Hellfire II missiles. The bright red color of the missile indicates that it is not a serial production unit. Thus this must be a photo of a test firing of a missile in development for Turkish Navy helicopters.

There are some speculative information on Turkish websites that this missile might the a naval version of the Mızrak long-range anti tank missile developed by Roketsan.

If this photo turns out indeed to be a test firing of a navalized version of Mızrak, then the missile may have an Imaging Infra-Red (IIR) seeker  and a range longer than 15 km. These features will enable to helicopter to stay out of the range of SAM missiles her target may be carrying.


7 Responses to A New Missile For Turkish Naval Helicopters

  1. ss27topol says:

    Certainly a UMTAS(Mizrak) variant, though not sure it’s a Navy variant. It looks to be the same size, which would mean the range would be the same – I’d expect it to be larger to hold more fuel. Current range of UMTAS is listed as only 8km.

    UMTAS(Mizrak) does have an IIR seeker, along with Lock-On Before Launch (LOBL) and Lock-On After Launch (LOAL). For LOAL it is supposed to be having datalink developed for pilot control after launch

  2. frankie says:

    If you check out Roketsan web page , in their fresh out magazine, all explained.

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  4. temelersoy says:

    Are you sure about the helicopter seen ,n above photo is S-72?

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