Foreign Warship On Bosphorus 2015 (Part 1)

150 saratov

Though it looks like a watercolor painting, this is a photo of the Russian Alligator class landing ship Saratov, making her south bound passage through the Bosphorus. Photo: Yörük Işık. Used with permission.


KIL 158

Russian Kashtan class buoy tender KIL-158 passing through the Bosphorus. Her stay in the Black See was just one month. Photo: Amy Schultz-Işık. Used with permission.

I have reset the counter and started the list from the start. Today we have witnessed the south bound passage of two Russian warships Alligator class landing ship Saratov and Kashtan class buoy tender KIL-158.

This year the list will be in reverse order: The older sightings will be at the bottom of the list. I think this will make reading the list easier.

Date Number Name Direction Nationality
5.1.2015 150 Saratov Southbound Russia
5.1.2015 KIL-158 Southbound Russia

I have archived the list of the Russian warship movements in 2013 and the list of foreign warship movements in 2014.

5 Responses to Foreign Warship On Bosphorus 2015 (Part 1)

  1. yorukisik says:

    Bunlarida Amy evden çekmiş: ​ IMG_1377.JPG ​​ IMG_1380.JPG ​​ IMG_1381.JPG ​​ IMG_1382.JPG ​​ IMG_1384.JPG ​​ IMG_1385.JPG ​​ IMG_1386.JPG ​​ IMG_1387.JPG ​​ IMG_1388.JPG ​

  2. yorukisik says:

    162 sightings in 2013 !

  3. harry dardanel says:

    on 01/11/2015 09:15 hrs. Russian Navy 156 Yamal and Alexander Shabalin 110 have cleared Akbas

  4. harry dardanel says:


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