TCG Işın Launched

A-583 TCG Işın before the launching. Photo:

A-583 TCG Işın before the launching. Photo:

I know this headline is confusing as there is already one ship named as TCG Işın in Turkish Navy inventory. But apparently her days are limited.

The ship today launched is the first of the two RATSHIP (Rescue and Towing Ship) Istanbul Shipyard is constructing for Turkish Navy. Istanbul Shipyard a private company, was selected to build one submarine rescue ship and two salvage and rescue ships by SSM in June 2010. The submarine rescue ship A-601 TCG Alemdar was launched on 29 April 2014.

According to the press release of Undersecretariat for Defence Industries, the rescue and Towing ship will be capable of towing the broken down, wrecked and ran ashore ships as well as fire-fighting. Moreover, she, which will be equipped by the modern rescue systems and equipment such as remotely operated vehicle (ROV), atmospheric diving suit, submarine ventilation system, pressure rooms etc., can also perform the underwater repair works and wreck removal.

The complete design, construction, outfitting and integration of the Rescue and Towing Ship are being performed by Istanbul Shipyard. In this scope, the total industry participation and offset percentage of 65% enables the utilization of Turkish industry capabilities through the acquisition of the construction material and services as well as most of the systems integrated on the vessel.

The new A-583 TCG Işın will be handed over to Turkish Navy in January 2015.  That means the days of the old and veteran A-589 TCG Işın are limited.

This is the video of the launch:


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