Beyaz Fırtına Naval Exercise Has Started

The naval exercise Beyaz Fırtına 2014 has kicked off today.

The exercise area incorporates Marmara Sea, Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean and will end on 1 July 2014.

During these 13 days following units will take part in the exercise:

From Turkish Navy:

  • 53 warships of various types and classes
  • 4 maritime patrol planes
  • 13 ASW helicopters

From Turkish Air Force:

  • 8 combat airplanes
  • 1 target towing plane

From Turkish Coast Guard:

  • 17 vessels of various types and classes
  • 4  helicopters

From Turkish National Intelligence Organisation:

  • 1 intelligence aircraft

According to Turkish Navy website live missile and torpedo firings will be executed against target ships.

5 Responses to Beyaz Fırtına Naval Exercise Has Started

  1. Yavuz says:

    What is this Turkish National Intelligence Organisation intelligence aircraft?

  2. kodlu says:

    Apparently it’s a KingAir 350i


    My translation:

    A manned intelligence aircraft of type Kingair 350i is participating in the exercise. Equipped with a special. camera and radar systems, the aircraft can transmit images to a ground station and can support UAV operations. Commanded by a team consisting of two pilots and two specialist operators, the plane can remain in the air for up to 8 hours.

    • Yavuz says:

      Is MIT responsible from military intelligence as well? Let’s have no J2, S2 officers but a MIT official, both for intelligence and as a political commissar.

      • kodlu says:

        You mean, soviet style, “Zampolit”! I must admit like you I thought it strange that MIT was mentioned.

      • Yavuz says:

        Turkish style, provincial heads of the ruling party can be appointed as commissars. They will be responsible from political and religious affairs of the military unit.

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