French Warship FS Alizé Passed Through Dardanelles


A-645 FS Alizé passing through the Dardanelles. Photo:

On 26 March 2014, French warship A-645 FS Alizé made a northbound passage through the Dardanelles.

According to news reports her destination was not disclosed but it is safe to assume that she is heading to the Black Sea.

She is a very peciluar ship to send to the Black Sea.

First of all she is not a front line combatant like a destroyer, frigate of corvette. She is a diving support ship, meaning that she carries all the necessary support equipment for diving operations and hyperbaric chamber and specialized medical facilities.

Second, if Wikipedia is correct she is mainly used for the operations of divers from Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure. That’s France’s external intelligence agency

Now the million dollar question is why is France sending an auxiliary warship mainly tasked with supporting spy divers to the Black sea?

Here is a video of A-645 FS Alizé as she passes Çanakkale:

6 Responses to French Warship FS Alizé Passed Through Dardanelles

  1. Kevin Brent says:

    Very interesting indeed…….

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  4. Tyler P. Harwell says:

    If the purpose of this ship’s voyage has not been reported on in the news, or can not be gathered from it, then it is very peculiar, and lends itself to absurd speculations. Of course, it is the French version of showing the flag, with a ship purposed to rescue men from submarines. Are there any lost submarines in the Black Sea right now ?

    • Well recently Ukrainian’s lost theirs but French cannot rescue her. If Alizé is here to show the flag, why not a more capable combatant like a Horizon class?

  5. Yavuz Kalkan says:

    According to this website (based on Voice of Russia), its destination is Bulgaria for training and exercises.

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