USS Taylor Passed Through Bosphorus Being Towed

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USS Taylor being towed by the tug Coastal Voyager. The tug Kurtaran 1 from Turkish Coastal Safety Agency is preventing the ship from drifting at the back. Turkish Coast Guard vessel TCSG-90 is providing security.

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This photo show the third tug, again from Turkish Coastal Safety Agency. She was on the starboard side of USS Taylor during her passage through Bosphorus, preventing the ship from drifting by the currents

The Arleigh Burke class destroyer DDG-103 USS Truxtun is the only US warship in the Black Sea as today with the southbound passage of FF(G)-50 USS Taylor through the Bosphorus.

The Perry class frigate was deployed to the Black Sea before the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games started. USS Taylor and the flag ship of the US 6th Fleet USS Mount Whitney were send to the Black Sea to help with the evacuation of US athletes and spectators in case of an terror attack to the Games.

USS Taylor had a grounding in Samsun harbour on 12 February 2014 as she arrived here for refueling. Her only propeller was damaged during the accident and all the work done to repair the ship turned out to be not effective.

US Navy contracted the company DonJon specialized in marine salvage and towing, to tow USS Taylor to Souda Crete where her propeller hub and blades will be replaced. 

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11 Responses to USS Taylor Passed Through Bosphorus Being Towed

  1. Yavuz says:

    Is this a lesson from experience that all self-respecting navies should deploy two propeller vessels?

    What if the same happens to one of the G-class ships of the Turkish Navy deployed in Indian Ocean? They will have to resort to American assistance as usual.

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  3. Yavuz says:

    Bu gercek haber mi yoksa Taraf uydurmasi mi? Ilk defa duyuyorum. Perry’lere bu kadar para harcanmasi zaten aklima yatmiyordu, simdi iyice supheye dustum.

    Well of course, USN is highly redundant with many ships. Effects of a similar accident on TN will be much greater.

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  6. timhogan21 says:

    Online data has USN CVN-77 in Antaya. Any confirmation?

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