Update On USS Taylor

USS Taylor in Samsun.

USS Taylor in Samsun. Photo:www.6n1k.com.tr

Today the governor of Samsun made a written statement about the damage of US Navy frigate FF(G)-50 USS Taylor.

According to this statement,  initially USS Taylor arrived in Samsun on 12 February, for a very short port visit just to get refueled. Unfortunately the ships propeller stuck the sea ground and got damaged. She has been docked at Samsun port since then. 39 US citizens and all the equipment needed for the repair were flown. Divers from Turkish Coast Guard are escorting the repair work going on underwater. It is estimated that USS Taylor will stay in Samsun till 24 February 2014.

If it takes additional 39 people and an disclosed amount of extra equipment and material to be flown for the repair work, the damage is worse that initially reported.


12 Responses to Update On USS Taylor

  1. mick says:

    Wonder how long it will take for the CO to be relieved due to “loss of confidence in his ability to command.”

    • AFAIK, the US NAVY did not lost the confidence in the ability to Command of the CO of USS Barry when she had a similar by much smaller accident in Samsun port a couple years ago. But the damage on USS Taylor seems to be substantial.

      • mick says:

        The phrase “lost confidence in his ability to command” is a “catch phrase” used in nearly all situations in which a CO loses his job. It doesn’t matter what he did. A Captain was fired last week because he allowed his staff to solicit contributions for a golf tournament from strip clubs near the base. The reason for his firing? You guessed it: The Admiral “lost confidence in his ability to command.” Just give it a couple of weeks for the ‘investigation’ to run its course.

      • Kevin Brent says:

        It depends on the damage and how much it costs. Not so much whether the Captain was at fault or not. It’s not fair, but that’s just how the US Navy does things. I had one Captain who bumped into every ship and pier he saw, but the damage was always very light. Nothing happened to him. I had another who was ordered to do a towing exercise the deck crew wasn’t ready for. He protested and asked not to do it, was overruled, we collided with the other ship, his career ended. And, then another who ran us into a tanker pulling into port and was then promoted to Admiral and made head of US Navy Safety….lol

  2. Dave Shirlaw says:

    New captain to fly in as well?

  3. Kevin Brent says:

    All the US news services that are reporting on this, are using the phrase, “ran aground”. That is not the same thing as striking the bottom on the way through a designated shipping channel or maneuvering to a cleared mooring. Starting to look like more happened than is being put out by those on the scene.

  4. Yavuz says:

    Ran aground? No worries, just donate it to TN. They love second-hand ships but spend a fortune on an LPD.

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  6. mick says:

    For those folks who doubted my earlier post, here ya go! http://www.navy.mil/search/display.asp?story_id=79310

    “NAPLES, Italy (NNS) — Capt. Jim Aiken, commander, Task Force 65, relieved Cmdr. Dennis Volpe, commanding officer of the Mayport-based frigate USS Taylor (FFG 50), Feb. 25, due to loss of confidence in Volpe’s ability to command.”

    Right down to the exact phrase: “lost confidence in his ability to command.” Apologies in the form of saffron purchased at the Istanbul spice market would be acceptable. Get it from the young guy at the entrance who has a Brooklyn accent, not the old guy–his has bugs.

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