USS Taylor Damaged In Samsun

USS Taylor in Samsun.

USS Taylor in Samsun.

Foreign ships visiting Turkish harbors usually stay for 3 or 4 days. Thus I was quite curious about the extended stay of us Perry class frigate FF(G)-50 USS Taylor in Samsun, Turkey.  I my opinion she should have left three days ago Samsun in order to join USS Mount Whitney off the coast of Sochi to do circles.

A short news article in gave a very plausible explanation why the stay of USS Taylor was extended. Apparently her screw touched the ground when she was mooring in Samsun harbour. According the Vice Governor of Samsun, Haluk Şimşek the screw of the ship touched the bottom of the sea when the ship was maneuvering for docking and it was damaged. There were no reported injuries, and the incident is currently under investigation. So is the damage to the ship. There was a minor spill of about 176 gallons of fuel, according to a report from ABC News

The Perry class ships  have one shaft and one screw. This was a deliberate and a very bold decision by US Navy in order to keep the production simple and cheap. But having one single shaft and screw creates an Achilles Heel for the Perry class ships as if there is a damage to a shaft, screw or to rudder it is very much possible that the ship lost is ability to move. The Perry class is equipped with an auxiliary propulsion system to take the ship back to port if it looses its main propulsion. But this auxiliary system is not much help in the case of USS Taylor.

Samsun harbour is notorious. An Arleigh Burke class destroyer USS Barry had a similar incident back in 2008. She was able to sail without any restrictions afterwards. 

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