Finaly: US Navy Warships On Black Sea

After week of discussions and very cold war like tug of words between Russia and USA, two US Navy warships have passed through the Turkish Straits.

The first ship, LCC-20 USS Mount Whitney, the flag-ship of the US 6. Fleet made her passage on 4 February 2014.


USS Mount Whitney passing through the Bosphorus on 4 February 2014, as seen from a web cam. Photo:

The second ship turned out to be not a Arleigh Burke Class destroyer but a Perry class frigate. FFG-50 USS Taylor made her passage through the Turkish Straits on 5 February 2014.


The choise of the warships by US Navy is very odd. These ships are send under the context of providing security for the Olympics, but both ships have no offensive weapons other than their helicopters are carrying. I assume that these helicopters can carry a Penguin Mk2 missile

The USS Mount Whitney is a command and control ship. She has excellent communication suits and enough rooms and people to organize and command a fleet. But the ship has only short-range self-defence weapons.

The frigate USS Taylor was a more potent warship compared to USS Mount Whitney, before the frigate was gilded before the only guided weapon launcher of the frigate was deactivated. USS Taylor carries like USS Mount Whitney short ranged self defence weapons. One may regard the 76mm gun the frigate has an offensive weapons but is it wise to bring a gun to fight in the missile age?

Like I said before the only long range weapon both ships have are the helicopters they are carrying and I assume that these helicopters can be armed with guided missiles and other weapons (though Mk46 / Mk54 torpedoes may not be suitable for securing the Olympics)

I personally find the notion of two inadequately armed US Navy warships protecting the Olympics as absurd as the notion of Russian nuclear cruiser Petr Veliky providing security for the Olympics from the Mediterranean.

The whole show of force between USA and Russia over the security of the Olympics is not about the security of the Olympics.





6 Responses to Finaly: US Navy Warships On Black Sea

  1. Dave Shirlaw says:

    RFS Seliger reported at Sochi by BBC.

  2. ss27topol says:

    They are more likely to be there to assist in any civilian evacuations that may be required should there be any trouble. The Helicopters on Whitney would be able to provide the airlift, along with some Marine escorts which are no doubt on board

    Taylor is there as close support. I guess they think there’s more likely to be some type of small ship attacks if there are to be any, much like the “swarm” tactics used by the Iranians for instance. Missiles would be no use here whereas small guns would

  3. Yavuz Kalkan says:

    They are not for any offensive action, just for evacuation of US citizens in case of an emergency.

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  5. lylehoward says:

    please delete my last comment

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