French Navy Conducted Exercise With Greek Cypriot Coast Guard


French frigate F-711 Surcouf conducted an exercise with Greek Cypriot Navy. Photo: Official French Navy photo.

The French, La Fayette class frigate F-711 FS Surcouf conducted PASSEX with Greek Cypriot Navy on 21 January 2014.

The coast guard vessel CV-24 Onisilos was the Cypriot contribution to the exercise.

The Surcouf sailed from Larnaca at 8:30 Tuesday, Jan. 21 after three days of release operational on the island.
This is far from the coast with 14 on board Cypriot policemen and two consuls within a day of joint exercises with the Cypriot navy.
The morning started off with Panther for winching on patrol Cypriot Onisillos , escorting the Surcouf few hundred yard.

Once the Panther in flight, the helicopter Cypriot participant to exercise, AW-139, had a winch load on the platform helicopter Surcouf before filing a
response team of the Cyprus Police climbing rope who then made a VISITEX (method methodical tour of a building by a specialized team) of Surcouf.
Finally, to close the morning, the helicopter performed a basketful SAR winching a diver aboard Surcouf and different maneuvers aviation.

In the early afternoon, a “SAREX” or exercise “search and rescue” involving the search for a man overboard was conducted by helicopter Cyprus in
coordination with the Surcouf. The visiting team of Surcouf then, in turn, produced a VISITEX on Onisillos .

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