Technical Specifications Of Turkish LPD

L-61 SPS Juan Carlos 1

L-61 SPS Juan Carlos 1

I have received a copy of the press release made by Defense Industry Undersecretariat, after posting my blog about the Turkish LPD project.

I have created the below table with the information on the press release to make a comparison between the Spanish Juan Carlos, Australian Canberra and Turkish LPD, all based on the same Navantia design.

Canberra Juan Carlos Levent
Displacement (tons) 27.500 27.500 19.000
Length (meters) 230 230 200
Speed (knots) 19 21 20
Range (n. miles) 9.000 9.000 7.000
Crew 240 295 240

Please mind that the information about the Turkish LPD is estimations and may change during the course of the project.

The crew will be 190 sailors, 56 air crew, 50 medical staff, 200 command staff and up to 700 marines.

The LPD will be able to carry 13 MBT’s, 27 armored amphibious attack vessels, 6 armored personnel carriers and 33 truck in the garage bay.

The air component will consist of 4 at least 15 ton helicopters on the flight deck and 4 at least 15 ton helicopters or 3 UAV’s in the hangar.


6 Responses to Technical Specifications Of Turkish LPD

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  2. Ben Soloo says:

    Why go for such an expensive one(Juan Carlos) in reduced size when we could have the DOKDO class cheap.
    I find this a very idiotic decision.

  3. Yavuz Kalkan says:

    I have a feeling that RMK Marine’s design would have been developed by assistance from Fincantieri, similar to the partnership on coast guard ships.

    But in any case, the political situation in Turkey is not favourable to RMK and after losing MILGEM they have lost in LPD tender as well.

    It is really a shame, undersecretariat management accepts partisan influence from the ruling party,

  4. VIDEO says:

    Integrated Drive System for the Navy Vessel — LHD Juan Carlos I.

  5. VIDEO says:

    NAVANTIA: LHD “Juan Carlos I” (L-61)

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